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How to record
Hi, I have a question: How do you guys record your songs? in a studio? Because I have no studio. The only thing I have is a microphone to a headset...And I don't want to spend alot of money on recording equipment. Is a microphone ok? I havent recorded anything yet. Im only 15 years old and I just want to try to make a song..but?
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I think we all have our studios right in our homes for the most of us..I know I do..and its not really a studio..just me my comp.. guitars..keys .mic..and some programs...you dont have to spend a lot of money....but you do need to get some programs...I use audacity.....cool edit......acoustica..for  most of my recording..I didnt pay for any of these programs...just ask around the amp if someone can get you access to these programs..Im not sure how to send you the programs so you can install them....
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well, yep, for most of us, its just home recording. If you want a decent mic to record live stuff, I'd recomend a beringer C1 (about 30 smackaroonies) but then you also need a preamp that gives phantom power (because its a condenser mic). I've tried using other mics, but condensers work the best for me. A simple multi-track program can be used to record, but if you want drum tracks and/or other instruments, then you'll need a host program that can handle vstis (virtual instruments). The most popular host program used here is probably Fruity Loops (or FL), but there are several others. This does officially cost money, as the makers of these programs need to make a living. However, the nature of the internet such as it is, means that you can obtain pretty much anything you want for free (this is mainly due to different countries having different laws and legislation on freedom of information). PM me for more info if you want.
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Just commented on your other thread...............................
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re: How to record
to record into the computer with a headset and or a mike try 'audacity' its afree program from here:


that should get u going..........

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