#1January 3rd, 2006 · 07:06 PM
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Glad I got this email in time...
I just received the below email:
Dear PayPal Member!

Attention! Your PayPal account has been violated!

Someone with ip address tried to access your personal account!

Please click the link below and enter your account information to confirm that you are not currently away. You have 3 days to confirm account information or your account will be locked.

Click here to activate your account

You can also confirm your email address by logging into your PayPal account at
http://paypal.com/. Click on the "Confirm email" link in the Activate Account box and then enter this confirmation number: 1036-8535-4511-9500-3892

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team

Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and choose the "Help" link in the footer of any page.
I sent them all my info right away.. all my credit card numbers, my social security number and my home and work address, as well as my checking and savings account numbers...
I sure am glad they brought this to my attention so quickly.... man, that could have cost me alot of money......  
#2January 4th, 2006 · 03:15 AM
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Looks like you had a narrow escape there!!
#3January 4th, 2006 · 12:30 PM
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you gave them the deed to your house, your car ownership, your driver's license, and an IOU for your firstborn, though, right? man. wouldn't want those getting into the wrong hands!
#4January 4th, 2006 · 05:35 PM
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I sure hope you made sure that PayPal was actually sending you that and not somebody who knows how to look like PayPal.
#5January 4th, 2006 · 05:42 PM
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ok, let me just put this in for the record, so noone gets confused and actually does this..If you receive an email from paypal, it will have your REAL NAME at the header, not Dear paypal member, this thread is of course in good humor... I would hope that if anyone gets these emails they foward them to spoof@paypal.com that way they can attmept to track down and prosecute the individuals phishing for info.....
   with that said.....
               Maybe I should sign a power of attorney and give it to them too... just in case...
#6January 28th, 2006 · 11:51 AM
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Yeah you definately got to watch yourself with that kinda stuff. A friend of mine tried to by an audio receiver off ebay, needless to say, the guy took his money and skipped town leaving my buddy's walet $150 lighter with no receiver to show for it. Turns out this guys a pretty big time criminal and drug dealer or somthing and this isn't the first time hes done this.
#7February 2nd, 2006 · 01:27 PM
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Why didnt they just say



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