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BandAMP @ Burning Man 2008
I'm planning on building a large geodesic dome (about 20ft. tall in the center) out of metal pipes for Burning Man 2008. It should be sturdy enough to hold hammocks, or bungie cords for people to swing around, if they wanted. I may go larger (40ft tall), if there seems like there will be a lot of people coming. It would be a place where you guys can get together and jam. Maybe it could be setup for live concerts, with a continually rotating list of BandAMP members. If there are going to be a lot of people though, it would be good for some of you to bring your own tents, or if you want privacy, ect.

It might be cool to have solar to power the equipment. We brought a bike powered generator this year, which was dumb, because you're in a desert. I was at Burning Man this year on reconnaissance in preparation for 2008. It's a very creative environment, filled with interesting and enjoyable people; the perfect place for musicians to truly be heard, and perhaps found? Last years burn was amazing. The Oil Derrek burn... erm... explosion was the most impressive. I lost my camera, so we only got a few shots.

We built a hexi-yurt. We taped it together with duck tape, which was a bad idea, because the duck tape heated up in the sun, then sand got beneath it, and finally, the big dust storm! Our home was completely annihilated. But then, some friendly neighbors took us in, which was really cool, because they were great people. That's how Burning Man is, disaster strikes, your house blows away, your camera is lost, but who cares? You enjoy it all.

Oh, don't worry, the geodesic dome will be indestructible!

More info about geodesic domes: Desert Domes Pacific Domes Wikipedia

Information on the burn: http://burningman.com/
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Oh, and there should be a flag with the BandAMP robot on it, so we can find the geodesic dome easier. Or maybe on the side of the canvas. I'll need to find a screen printer, but would probably be worth it. We could also have an about BandAMP, ideals and principles on the wall so people can find out about us. Or something of that nature to explain, and recruit.

We'd probably fit in as a theme camp: http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/
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This sounds
Very cool, but, I know there are many who wont be able to attend for health reasons, the sand and wind alone would prevent some, the heat many others...  It is very insane there... But we definitely need a presence there... Perhaps we can have a get together somewhere with a better climate, first, then have video/audio of it to be shown at the Burningman exhibit.. That could be a great idea.. We already, thanks to Spoon,Siren, and Taka, have great Audio and Video of the first get together...  which is a very nice small intimate jam, which will appeal to many, hopefully, we can have a more full crowd get together prior to Burningman, also, we have some pictures of the Euro-amp get together...  I agree that Burningman could bring some awesome talent, as well as some recruiters looking some of the talented people that exist on this site....

           That would be awesome! If anyone does get signed, remember, I make a great Roadie..

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Yeah, that's true, it may be a little crazy for some people... I think it's good to have as many get-togethers as possible, it doesn't have to be a once-a-year thing.

I never got to see the video's from the previous get-together, maybe there should be a section to keep track of past get-togethers, with pictures videos and music of what happened. That would be pretty cool.
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Yeah man! Videos for different events, in general, would be great!
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Oh man, this sounds amazing. I have to check on my school schedule though. If I can get out of school, I'm down for this without a doubt.
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