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#31July 22nd, 2008 · 09:50 PM
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I have taken my "Blah"-ing out of the Bandamp chat and I have posted it on here! Behold! XFACTOR and...


*Pant, pant* Phew! I think that's enough...

LOL Marino will recognize me and my BLAHs


#32July 23rd, 2008 · 05:15 PM
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Puerto Rico
re: BLAH :)
I do Blah blah recognizeblah blah you..So good,tx for checking  in and blahfest on!!!!!
#33July 24th, 2008 · 08:46 AM
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United States of America
Still around
I'm still around..Just been kinda busy with a few things..with music and trying to get the music out there on some other sites...plus its summer time. Been getting out enjoying the weather...been playing out a bit...just open mics here in Buffalo, Ny..nothing major. I did have a gig in Niagara Falls but, it was outside and it rained all day ...I'm about to do a repost of a song I worked on..well the latest one Ive done..so, yeah I'm still kicking around the amp from time to time...Probably be spending more time in here when the weather gets cold again...later

#34July 24th, 2008 · 04:53 PM
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United Kingdom
Me too - here that is!
Just like many others, I've been very busy again.  Playing first proper gig with new band on Sat 2nd Aug, so been practicing loads.  Also started having singing lessons  which are a laugh (and a fair challenge too)

May post a couple of songs if the live recordings turn out ok.

I agree with Flyer about spending more time on the Amp when the weather gets colder - too nice outside to be stuck in front of the 'puter!!!

Oh,  and "Hi there everyone"
#35July 28th, 2008 · 11:15 AM
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I've got a couple of weeks of vacation coming up... hope to figure out this recording on the laptop business and get some new shite posted... I'm here and would love to iron out some songs with some good folk here...
#36July 29th, 2008 · 03:25 PM
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United Kingdom
Im on once in a while... I'd like to visit more, get really involved and review everyone's songs, but there's just not enough hours in the day.
#37September 29th, 2008 · 02:54 PM
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United States of America
Hey guys.... my name is GiGi and I am a newbie here. Just wanted to say hi to all the old members since the post that got me here said so
#38October 4th, 2008 · 12:05 PM
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United Kingdom
I'm still around, but I think I might've given up on...well pretty much everything appart from being mummy.
I'm uninspired, subdued and definatly not really swell anymore!
#39October 4th, 2008 · 03:25 PM
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Hey welcome to the amp fairychild.

When I look back at all of the great musicians that used to post on here often, it makes me kind of sad knowing that most of them have no more inspiration and they are a fantastic piece of our day that has just been taken away.
It kind of reminds me of like great bands that are there one second, and the next second they are just all dead or all way too high to do any type of gig or recording.
#40October 11th, 2008 · 10:01 AM
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Roll Call
I am here but only occasionally - I got a life!
#41October 14th, 2008 · 08:35 AM
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hey cosmo..... happy living
#42October 14th, 2008 · 09:00 AM
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re: Roll Call
Cosmo wrote…
I am here but only occasionally - I got a life!

Yeah, well...
My life includes music too.
And, BTW, I'm here; I mean, I visit the site pretty often. Not completely active, but I take some walks in the BandAMP land.

         > Iszil
#43October 14th, 2008 · 03:16 PM
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My life includes music to.

When I said I have a life, I didn't say it didn't include music.
When I'm not listening to it - I'm on the road playing it or promoting gigs or in the studio recording it. . . . . .
What I should have said is that I'm way too busy at the moment to spend hours faffing about on the computer and yes...I admit it...I was having a bit of a dig at those of you who do have the time to do so. Put it down to.........

#44October 16th, 2008 · 02:14 PM
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United States of America
WAIT!!!! ME 2!!!!!! I'm HERE!!!
yea... I'm here! i check in on the amp everynow and then.... i kinda deserted when the whole mudd thing when down but... im back.. Ready to contribute!!
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