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Clean Vocal Recording
Hi all..
Firstly, very usefull, and nice forum ^^

Well, here is my problem.

I have a ShureSM58 dynamic mic and a DigitechVX400 vocal effector.

While recording my vocals, i connect my mic into the digitech, and connect the digitech to my pc from the USB port.

There is no problem with the input output drivers of digitech, i can hear vocals effected.

But here is the problem.. Most of the records are "buzzy". There is no problem with high vocals, or shouts, but the problem starts when i talk really silent, or sing really silent. If any effects are active, it just gets thw "buzzy" vocal.

The buzz is a simple noise at the background.

My pc works really noisy, because i'm in visual effects job and need a LOT of fans to cool it down, but that buzzy sound is... different.i dontthink its caused by some fan sound. I tried putting my mic into a towell, [wrap it around the head of the mic to see if i can lower down the buzzy noice] and it was still the same.. just the vocals went silent.

Well, I donw know why is it. I even dont know what setup i need to record vocals, or i do still need a pre-amp for vocals when i have this effector.

Waiting for replies, urgently. Thank you.
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Clean Vocal Recording
Merhaba [yes I'm of Turkish origin] Benim isim Deniz dir, 'Deniz Ahmet'.

Could be a simple problem, check your cables first, check your levels, you may have them too high, play around with them, dont know what a DigitechVX400,

Try using an ordinary line mixer if you have one, not as good as a preamp I was told recently, but then dont buy a cheap preamp, A producer and some other experts recommended to my either TL Audio or focusrite preamps, I'm saving up to buy one myself.

Hope that helps.


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If the buzzing/hum is going on when you are not singing, it is probably a  ground loop problem. you might try lifting the ground on the digitech unit,  or check your mic cable , make sure that our using a decent Low z cable (three pin). If you are using a three pin at the mic and converting to a 1/4 " to go into the digitech unit you will probably pick up ground hum /buzz unless you use a decent DI box.   I am not familiar with the digitech unit you have , If  it is low Z then is will probably be a chasis ground loop problem from the unit .. without really hearing the noise it is hard to tell

,EDIT I looked at the unit . it has Low z connection,,... usb into the computer.. not sure what the problem would be. unless your I/O levels are off. 

if you want PM me and I'll give you my email , send me a sample of the noise.  if you can record it. I could give you a better idea of what it could be.

1st though, check you mic cable.  and all you I/O levels.
you might try moving the mic around in the room some.. If i am to close to the computer with a mic or guitar it pics up hum
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Thank you !

I'll surely want to send you a sample noise
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