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Audacity error
As I was recording something, my computer errored(as usual). I cleared some disk space and tried to save my file, which worked except for the ending, which it says there is an error in finding the temporary files, and it just sounds like silence and clicks. But I still see it as if it were there; is there a way audacity can interpret that part?
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mmm, i haven't a clue if you still need help on this or not, but i figure that I'll answer anyway, since nobody else did way back when you posted

No, the files are likely gone.  I've realized that Audacity 1.2.6 is actually very very sloppy with its temp files.  The only reason I know this is because when I load up an Audacity 1.2.6 project file into the Audacity beta (1.3.4), then the new beta version tells you that there are temp files not in use by the project that still exist in your project's data directory.

Although what I just said seems backwards to the problem you just explained, it makes it more conceivable that our good old 1.2.6 probably managed to lose track of those files when your computer contracted a nasty case of an error.

1.2.6 wasn't the most stable anyway... I often get crashes when i try to paste audio that I've just previously cut.  It doesn't seem to matter how much data I Cut or where I'm pasting it, but the program likes to crash.  I simply would recommend saving as freakin often as you can   The Audacity 1.3.4 beta isn't suitable for public release yet, but I've already found it far more functional and stable than the previous versions.

As far as the audio spectrum still showing up in your display, there's probably some extra files that Audacity keeps in order to quickly load up the visual, even if the actual audio data itself has been corrupted or lost.  I draw this conclusion because of the fact that when you open an Audacity project file, the program spends ZERO time calculating the waveform.  Normally that would at least take a few seconds, especially when Audacity keeps it's audio data cut up into (literally) hundreds of temp files that are each very small.  So, likely, you've lost your audio data, yet the waveform visual cache is still intact in the project file.
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