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FX sidechaining into compressor
I always wondered how studio guys got such cool delays and reverbs, that sound huge but, didn't ring on, and overrun the vocals. Sidechain the delay into a compressor, tweak the compressor to kick in the adjust the attack to kill the delay fairly quick the when the vocal line is finished adjust he release to open up the delay after the vocal line is done.  This keeps the delay from muddying up the dry vocals as the delays will only come on after the compressor releases.  You can also use an expander to do the opposite, sidechain the reverb or delay into the expander and set it so the reverb and delay are on when the vocals are going but, clamp down as soon as the vocal line is done. That way the reverb tail and delays don't ring on after the vocal line/word. Just while the voice is producing sound.
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