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4 Track recording?
Hey Everybody! I'm new here, i'm SweetBabyJames and i'm the bass player for "BETTERDAZE"
 We have been recording some rehearsals on a Tascam portastudio. Anyone familar with it? Anyway, how would i go about getting a song from that to this site? Keeping in mind of course that i'm a computer dummie!!!   Thanks for any replies, SweetBabyJames   

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that is a tough question. what portastudio are you using, exactly? Tascam has brought out quite a number of models over the years.

if it's all analog, you have to connect the line/stereo out to the line in (NOT the mic in!) of your computer soundcard. And then you need a recording program to record the signal... Windows has a standard one, but it's buried somewhere and I forget what it's called. You could use that.... Or you could download Audacity, or Kristal, which are freeware multitracking programs, both also suitable for recording stereo signals from your line input.

given that you are a computer dummie, which isn't a shame, you need Google to find Audacity or Kristal... And you need to read the online help and faqs to learn how to work with those programs... which is a bit of a learning curve perhaps, but nothing too difficult, I assure you.

Next, when you have made a recording, you need to "export mixdown", which means converting your multitrack file to a finished stereo .wav file. with the right plugin, Audacity can actually convert it to mp3 right away (requires additional download)... Or you could use itunes to import the .wav and convert it for you (a safe bet in any way). Itunes can be downloaded for free from the apple home pages.

this is as much as I can help you for now, a lot of what your trying to do is something you should find out for yourself: being a musician doesn't stop at knowing how to play an instrument... all the technical stuff on the side really is a part of the deal... so... yeh
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I use reel to reel tape and then transfer the finished song to an audio cd burner.I then put the burned cd in my computer.If you don't have an audio cd burner there's other software you can use.I used Real Audio at one time.Basically you're converting your analog tape to a digital signal or an MP3 compressed file.I've been using Audiograbber which I've had much success but just find some kind of program that's easy to use.
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