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Help with studio setup
Guys, i need a bit of help with what equipment to buy for a small home studio i'm planning on setting up.

for a mixer im thinking: Behringer 802
USB Interface i'm thinking:
Monitors: Can't decide
Microphone(s): MXL 550/551R Recording Pack
Midi Keyboard: 61es M-Audio

Anything else i've left out?
Any other recomendations?

Any advice/help will be greatly received
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How many inputs do you need
What is your budget
What's your PC/Laptop specification
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I have a brand new MAcbook Pro

I basically just want to be able to record vocals and guitar

my budget is about 300-400
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The audio interface is probably the most important part of the set-up or more to the point the quality of the preamps.
If you have a firewire interface port(or able to add one) on your mac, I'd go the firewire option, it's faster, although with USB 3 on the way, I'm not sure  a)how compatible it is with interfaces, or b) if it's available.
I did a lot of research recently and ended up getting the Focusrite Saffire pro 24, cost about 220.00, but they do another one called the saffire pro 14, which I believe are on special offer at 159.99, it should provide you with enough inputs.

Focusrite have fantastic preamps, they are very clean and record true, meaning they don't colour the original sound source. For me this is important, but you may just be happy with just a clean recording.

Mics vary a lot, the ones you are looking at should be fine, to get you going, I would check eBay out too. I recently purchased a used Rode NT1a, great vocal condenser for the money for about 100.00. For acoustic guitar ideally you want pencil style condenser stereo pair, if you want to get a big sound or you want to record just the guitar and vocals, but you can still get a good recording with one mic, many recording are done this way professionally. I used to use the AKG1000s for acoustic guitar, you pick them up for about 40/50 second-hand on ebay.
EDIT* Check that your firewire imports are compatible, I think on the MacPro's they have firewire800, Foucurite are Firewire600, you may need to get a converter, but not sure.
Info on connecting to MAcbook Pro
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If you are using a mac, get Logic Audio and a good interface then you are set.

For recording purposes, avoid behringer. It's ok for live. On a mixer you are looking at the XLR inputs for microphone quality and possibly a good eq. They are all different. Mackie Oynx was my favourite in the past 3 years.

This might be a bit expensive but think of it as an investment.

The other option in your budget is a second hand DAW like a korg or a Roland. These are fine, and can be linked to a computer with Spidif, are a mixer, fx box, soundcard, mastering machine etc. and have everything you need.
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your budget is the deciding factor.
with mac if you have the $$$$ then apogee is the way to go.  If you have not quite enough $$$ then avid pro tools I/O, Motu I/O, or focusrite.

)0ops almost forgot to mention RME Interfaces.

There are lots of others available so shop around,  The real cheap stuff will color your recordings and give you more noise, making real hard to get a quality mix.

If you are not recording a lot of stuff at the same time (like a band), you really don't need a mixer.

Most additional instruments come as VST's or software plug-ins of some sort.

  A  good A/D .D/A converter and good preamps will get great guitar tones, and vocals.
If you have garageband in your mac pro it'll do fine for recording, and editing most audio.
If you have the $$$ get, Logic Pro.. If you are doing lots of midi, and loop writing, get Digital Performer, or Cubase for mac. I'm not sure if Fruityloop works on mac.

 The mic you have picked out is a good starter mic, you'll want to upgrade as you grow in your recording skills and abilities. I like the  AKGC414 as an all around useful mic in studio environment. It's a little more money but the quality of this mic is superb for all kinds of different recordings.  Rhodes makes some very good inexpensive mics, Audio Technica makes some good mics, AKG,  and some others.

  I use aYamaha O2R mixer, 2 Motu HD192, 2 motu 2408's, 1 pcie 424 card (allows me to use four Motu I/O units at the same time), Motu Midi Piece, and JBL,monitors, looking to upgrade to some Genelocs soon. Software is  Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic Pro on the mac.  On the PC I use Cubase 6, and Wavelab.

I  have upgraded  throughout years of DAW recording.  You want to look for pieces that can transfer through out computer upgrades, software upgrades, if possible.
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