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Optimizing Win7 / XP for DAW
First of all there is a thread in this forum that touches the subject of 'Optimizing computer for recording', it is from 2008 but has some good links.

For those people still on XP there are loads of sites with different Optimization tweaks, like this one :
 http://www.itinfoonline.com/?p=66 , well worth a read

As for Win 7, it is a different system and has different tweaks, here are a few fairly simple answers :

The usual Start/Run/msconfig to turn off the startup programs can also be done in Win7
And running audio programs on one hd while samples / recordings are on another is still recommended especially if they are SATA
But now for the main reason why I want to start a new thread : During the past weeks I've been gaming again but I've also been put off by the amount of lagging / slowdown going on in game. To try to rectify this I turn most of the periphery  programs off before starting ; sidebar, rocketdock, explorer, ff, virtual hd programs
Still not happy with the result I went looking for .... something !

What I found was a program called Game Booster 3, it's a free program that sets your pc into gaming mode at the click of a button.
It stops unnecessary running programs/processes, stops unnecessary services and makes a bunch of tweaks, all for the duration of 'your game'. Clicking the "Stop" button brings everything back to normal again.

It also gives you the possibility to 'edit' or to add services and programs of your choice.

It changes the default pc environment to a streamlined environment, automatically doing what I was manually doing before and a load more, it turns off all unnecessary processes leaving memory and processor power free for the video and audio channels.
Since I've had this dual core system that I'm now on I must admit I've not had Audio problems other than finding drivers for sound cards to work in win 7 so where Audio is concerned I've heard no difference, I just know I have 44% more power (it also tells you how much processor power you gain while its on) allocated to my DAW.

But if your trying to run large audio programs or a lot of programs on a slower computer I can imagine you seeing the benefits of such a program

Got any more ideas or you may know some more optimization tips ......
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