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setting up finally

well i have finally manged to get a bit of time to do a single project. I bought a Samson C01 mic, a hybrid smallish mixer and the cables only. I have a p4 3ghz processor and 2gig ram. Am using fl 9 and maybe using reason 4 for some instruments. I got adobe 1.5 mainly for editing and i was just wondering if i could say i can do a complete demo with these. I may occassionerlly borow a midi keyboard. I have done a few recordings and initially things will sound ok but after adding some effects, the voice sounded cartoonish like from a phone.
I record using reaper and i hope to work with these and some additions that yu may suggest. Can i say this is enough for a small home studio? i mean just something starting out.

#2September 7th, 2010 · 02:28 PM
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It's enough for sure.
Not clear what you meant when you recorded the vocals, is it that you intended to create a cartoonish sound from the vocals, or are you unsure how to add effects?
What are you puting the mic through, is it a USB mic are are you using an interface/preamp/ your mixer/other

Why not post it in the audio section, let's have a listen, you will get more help if we can hear the results.
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Thats loads of stuff....people used to record with tape decks for god sake..you sound like you've got more than enough.
So you added effects and you got micky mouse?
Could it be the effects that you added, or did you maybe change the samples bit rate in the process?
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