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Ukrainian rock (Studio version)
First of all I want to sorry if I made mistakes, because I'm from Ukraine.
I want to ask you to do me a favour . My band have made a live video at the studio.
Could you please watch it and say few words about my English pronunciation?
Thank you.
#2August 13th, 2010 · 03:53 PM
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United Kingdom

To be honest I struggled for most of the song to make out the words, perhaps if the vox was brighter in the mix it may help. Other than that, pretty good song considering your ages
#3August 13th, 2010 · 04:00 PM
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United Kingdom

Ahh, the vox are brighter in this mix, but still struggle to understand some of the words, I think you need to exaggerate the sounds, open your mouth wider. Like it best when the drums come in, Ditch the keyboard drums if I were you.

Hmm, have you tried doing a live recording, think that would be great as you sound more like a live band rather than a studio one
#4August 13th, 2010 · 05:22 PM
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Musically it's pretty good. I wouldn't call this rock, though. It's more like a sort of an eclectic pop.
About your english pronunciation, as Denis said, it was really hard to understand, specially in the first song. The second was better but still there were some words I had no idea what you were saying.
I suggest that if you are planning to reach high with your music then take some english pronunciation lessons.

           > Iszil
#5August 21st, 2010 · 06:29 AM
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Cymru (Wales)
So are people from Ukraine prone to making mistakes ??  

Your pronunciation, accent and from what I can make out your choice of lyrics are remarkably good, if your looking for something then you could look at the 'clarity' and your 'articulation' of some lines.

I'd say keep up the campaign, get your music out there, these are really well produced songs and videos, you have the talent to create very popular songs....are you getting air play somewhere?

Love the very Cockney "You've got to move" !
#6September 29th, 2010 · 04:20 PM
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thanks everybody!
I just never liked the way I pronounce choruses in the first song
#7September 8th, 2012 · 06:29 PM
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We've got a new song. Would love to see your comments.
Check it out:

P.S.: follow us on FB:

Brunettes Shoot Blondes
#8December 25th, 2012 · 03:27 AM
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Cymru (Wales)
I could look at that video all day .........
#9December 25th, 2012 · 05:53 AM
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That's actually quite appreciable music there. Should have been posted in the Video forum, though, but hey.

I wish you guys the best of luck with your band. That last um, "video", hehe, kind of reminds me of my own experience with the Ukraine, hehe.

a well.

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