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Conductor Track
I've upgraded computer and recording software.  I finally have a pro studio I get to gleam information from on a semi daily basis.... The real cool thing is , I met a professional producer that just moved here from New York...Major work under his belt... He is excellent with Pro Tools and Cubase/Nuendo... I have cubase 5 full version now and it kicks ass...

 Anyway.. the thing is .. playing and building songs, especially if they have tempo changes or I want them to speed up gradually or slow down some.. was very hard for me to figure out... Working with these guys..they have shown me some very cool shortcuts and proper use of the conductor track...   I used to write out the complete song..what's cool now is ,.. I can write it out like you would on paper. with use of repeats, codas, Dc'alcodoca, ds'alcoda ect..  tempo changes and tempo speed changes are now easier to do.

 I am working on some new stuff coming up.. I'll post something and maybe just maybe a little tutorial about the conductor track.
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