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Mixer setup
Just a simple question, what would you use to connect a mixer to a computer?

I'm going to get one today, FOR SURE, yay me, but I don't know the answer to this question or if mixers come with a connection.
I have seen detailed pictures, and there are outputs, but no connecting cords are mentioned.
A Behringer Eurorack 1002, BTW.

Oh yes, I do have another question.
I have been playing around with Kristal and some of PX's tracks, but the levels i set the mixer to are not saved along with the rest of the tracks. Which is pretty much all I've done to them so far, besides a llittle placement. How do I get the mixer to "remember"?
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Normally the mixer has a standard output level 0db. I think it 0,7Veff. The LineIn connection of your soundcard shoud have the same level. So if you have a cable connected from LineOut mixer to LineIn Soundcard it should work.

I dont know Kristal. Cant say anything

Good luck
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OK, I'm not really sure why you're having trouble in Kristal - but I've just checked out what happens to all the settings, and mine are fine.
Try this
       -    Load Puppet's individual tracks into the program
       -     Go to >File>Save Project As
       -     Call it something like "TAMF-Oldiesmix"
       -    Fiddle about as you want with the volume setting
       -    Go to >File>Save Project
and voila!

Well - it works on mine
#4March 2nd, 2006 · 07:03 PM
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...and the answer is: FIREWIRE

but actually it depends on your mixer. Or are you looking at the newer models of Digital Audio Workstations (DAW's) which are rapidly taking over from (analog) mixers for interfacing to computers for digital recording. Firewire is best for connecting these, as it has the least inherent latency (audio delay introduced into the signal path). A close second are USB connected mixers - however, latency is often an issue with these.

Older analog mixers usually connect to your computer's sound card with audio cables (we're talking proper computers here with proper sound cards - not laptops with a 3.5din mic input). But this is yesterday's kit.
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