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interfaces+drivers= latency checks
interfaces and drivers = latency problems.  
ok I have several interfaces now. my motu 2408's (firewire with pci express card) my line 6 tone port (usb)
and the computers upgraded soundcard.  hmm I tried all 3 and the motu was the best one for low latency. The tone port said to disable the computers stuff and just use it.. I tried it with audio recordings and it was ok for a couple of tracks... after that it was useless.  The playback was like using a 1/4 second delay without the primary signal just effected signal.

i'm not sure why the motu stuff is faster (twice as fast as the next asio driver (asio4all @ 12 ms)

several of these drivers will work with other interfaces , I had made a mistake and was using the asio4all driver with the motu stuff I didn't realize I'd switched it (or it did it itself when installed) anyway I finally got it figured out.  So I'm posting this to let you know when recording .. go back and check things over make sure the right driver is selected .. the fastest one that will work with your interface is usually the best bet.

pic of motu driver info
pic of line 6 driver info

all buffer settings were the same.
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