#1March 30th, 2008 · 12:59 AM
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random harmless glitch
So, i haven't really figured out what makes this happen yet........

Usually at 12:30AM ish... (mmm, I'm Eastern Standard Time.. that's also the time the bandamp pages tell me at the footer) usually at about that time, all of the forums' stars light up, as if they're marked "unread".  I'm not really sure what's making this happen.  I literally don't do anything to make it happen.  I just refreshed my page about 30 minutes after i had loaded it, and when it refreshed, all of the stars on the all the forums were lit up.

Once I enter a particular forum, sometimes all of the threads are lit up, unread, but sometimes it's just 2, or sometimes 5.  I can't find a pattern in it.  Sometimes the lit up threads are the ones from this week (which have a day of the week as their timestamp, rather than a full date), yet at other times, it happens to others that are within the month.  I think there's a connection to the month at least, but it might be more narrow... 2 weeks maybe?  nah... that doesn't fit.  a week and a half?  i can't figure out why that would be the magic number though.

Usually this only happens once a week to me.  I haven't been keeping track of which day of the week it's been in the past, but it's very possible that 12:30AM, Saturday into Sunday, is when it happens.
#2March 30th, 2008 · 05:32 AM
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do you clear your browser cache at that time? cron jobs? I will logged out once a week.
I dont know exactly how it works in the moment but I think its a cookie thing or so... but I can be wrong....
#3March 30th, 2008 · 06:00 PM
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nope, i don't clear the cache or anything.  I went to go brush my teeth, do a few things, and then i come back, refresh the page to see if there were any new posts on the main forum and all of the threads light up.
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