#1October 2nd, 2005 · 06:49 AM
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Help not able to login
I am not able to login with my old login. It is SOngwriter. For somereason it is giving invalid login name or pass. Can anybody help.
#2October 2nd, 2005 · 01:54 PM
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United States of America
Ok I figured out the pass the login thing. Apparently for some reason it wan't accepting the stored password. I have to type it in everytime.

But there is another prob. my posts are gone. The songs that I entered in the battle are not the ones that are there in the battle. And the web interface that I am getting is the old one.
#3October 3rd, 2005 · 01:15 PM
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United Kingdom
I had the login problem, and i have the old interface aswell.
#4October 3rd, 2005 · 02:15 PM
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login etc.
this is a widespread problem- i have had trouble loging in until just today. i even created a new login, and that didn't work. Now it says i have 15 posts, and i had 30... but at least i can login now.
#5October 3rd, 2005 · 07:28 PM
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I think everything should be working how it was 10 days ago... as for everything that was written in the last 10 days, that has all been lost... The HD crashed, and we lost all the data. We were lucky enough to have a backup so recent.
#6October 4th, 2005 · 02:38 AM
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United States of America
you guys might have noticed that there is a posting around here about this... i can't remember where it is or who wrote it but lets just say that... hypothetically it's on... ohhhhh... i dunno... the very front page? written by ohhh... uhhh, maybe... me?

sorry for the inconvenience you've all experienced - we'll be doing our best to get back to where we were but in the mean time if you've posted anything in the past 10 days then it has been unfortunately lost permanently.

we've since moved to a more stable dedicated hosting solution with both RAID and SAN from what i understand so come hell or hard drive failure, BandAMP should still keep kickin.
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