#1September 16th, 2005 · 05:53 AM
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POSTING: illegal for me?
i may or may not have actually paid for the software that i mixed my tracks on... i really cant say for legal purposes  .
do you look down on people posting songs created with "probably-paid-for software"?

(btw, this post is for a friend of mine who wanted to know.  not me. no way)
#2September 16th, 2005 · 06:51 AM
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It is impossible to know what you have used to make your tracks, so if I were you I would just post it. They are all just tools anyway, the thing that I believe matters here is your music and your artistic vision for the production.

Not to mention that if the only people allowed to post tracks that had used decent equipment/software were those that had paid for it it would be kinda elitist. Copied software is commonplace, particularly with the exorbitant prices for alot of music software and plugins.

Naturally though, I guess they cannot condone piracy here so if I were you I would just keep quiet about it.

This is just my opinion though, I suggest you ask Entheon/Mud for the official vote.
#3September 16th, 2005 · 08:19 AM
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Actually Dave "They are all just tools anyway"
if you take this view, then you could say using another musician's music and calling it your own is a tool as well, which is always looked at as illegal.
Some say, not me, no way, that stealing is stealing
#4September 16th, 2005 · 02:02 PM
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I wouldn't condone theft of intellectual property anymore than I would plagiarising someone's music, I'm simply saying that recording software is a means to an end, with the end being his finished music - and that the route he chose shouldn't affect his decision to post it...its just my opinion.
#5September 16th, 2005 · 02:55 PM
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the fine system... of fines. I mean the song you create with stolen intellectual property still is your OWN intellectual property, it can never be impounded or something like that, that would be utterly daft! one can only be fined for misuse of software, and whether you sell a billion copies of a whole album created on it, or just have one unfinished song which barely sees the light of day, one should always pay the same price for using illegal software (if caught!): just being FORCED TO BUY ONE (1) LEGAL COPY.

The End.
#6September 16th, 2005 · 05:58 PM
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really, that was a dumb question, givin that i have nothing to post yet, and may just use open-source software...

downlaoding pirated software and using it is not illegal, but were you to sell music made with the pirated software... that would be bad.
I'm not gonna be selling CD's anytime soon.

but thanks for reassuring me of the standpoint of those listening to the music!
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