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Classical Music?
I was reading the rules for posting songs and I saw the clause about original music only. One of the things that I have done is to make rearrangements of classical music for synthesizers. I can not honestly say that they are original, as they were composed many years ago. But how can I get the permission of someone who has been dead for centuries? Can an exception be made in this case? I wanted to post (among other things) a song by Villa Lobos, a couple of pieces by JS Bach and one by Debussy. http://www.alluvialgems.com/Audio/Invention%201.mp3 is an example of the kind of thing I am talking about.
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ehm there IS someone in this www (whole wide world) who belongs to any classical piece even though its composed hundreds of years ago by another composer.

billions of $$$$ and are payed for copyrights every day. and billions of pieces are changing their owners

great artists are purchasing the rights of music which they never had written. i.e. Paul McCartney owns thousands of pieces. So it could be that the piece which you are interpreting with your synthesizers belongs to him.

imo you can do such things but it is and it will be A COVER.
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So it's a cover

I went and checked, the music I was referring to is in the public domain (at least the JS Bach material is) so there would be no problems with the RIAA. But if it is the policy that I could not post such legal rearrangements, that is fine.

I take it that Wendy Carlos and Isao Tomita would be unable to submit their classical arrangements as well if they were of a mind to? How about artists like Duck Baker who perform rather a lot of rearrangements of Trads. from Ireland?

I don't means to go on about this any more, but when I see rules that have a lot of ambiguity, I sometimes require clarification.

Thank you
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rearrangement forum
as far as I know you can rearrange Trads as much as you want. in most of the cases they dont even have a named composer.

long time ago we discussed this on this site but it never came to a result.

so admins, mods and so on..... what about a rearrangement forum instead of a cover forum?
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It would be best to ask the MOD's, I know that it has been said that personal renditions are OK as long as there's no financial gain.But not everyone seems to be on the same page.So my guess would be to get approval from again the MOD's and really do it were it would be OK with the community. This a Grey area so get the right source for approval before posting,personally I would love to listen to it. I also would love to do a rendition to Emerson's Lake and palmer's version of Peter Gun with Triton K but the cover issue seems to be unclear so I kind off let it go.Some would say a cover is a cover so I'm a bit lost with this.Would love to resolve this though.I know that there's some threads out there about this but I'm not sure if they're a final word.

Mod's clarification would be most excellent!

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hum.. so I needed permission to post this??? http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/4980.html

If so, I'm too waiting for the mod's answer. 
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Covers, and such
It was spoken in days of old, of a bold new age, when arrangements of non-original material might well to be uploaded without fear of pericution from the moderators. This day was discussed by the elders, and a decision was formed, and delivered by the one true prophet, Entheon, and this prophet did deliver a message of legality, and tolerance. And so it was, as it shall be, that a new day had dawned, and covers and arrangments shall be allowed within reason, and all legality shall be the responsibilty of the poster, and Bandamp shall assume no liabilty or afford no manner of royalty payments. And so it shall remain.

 so, yeah, go for it...  Classical is cool, and It's all good...  )

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I'd like to hear your arrangements, so go ahead

and, what jim said!
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If the classical music is older than like 100 years, its not under copyright anymore. Specific arrangements and performances of it may be, but you can still reuse the original music (it is in the "public domain" they say)
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