#1January 6th, 2008 · 11:54 AM
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BandAMP is stuck on my unupdated C: Drive
I tried to upload an mp3
But it was less than 1MB (.98)
So I updated the song
And it became 2.0 MB (*roughly)

Joyfully, I pushed the "Browse" button to upload the new version
But, damn, BandAMP is stuck in the past
Because the file it finds has been replaced
But it only sees the .98MB one

So I opened my C: Drive and went to the folder in which it sits
And there in the list is the new version and no longer the old
But why, oh, why, is BandAMP stuck in my C: Drive's past?
(Why, oh, why?)

So I logged out, restarted my computer, and cleared IE's browsing history
And thought that should do the trick, but to my dismay...
(That's right!) BandAMP was stuck in my C: Drive's past still.

#2January 6th, 2008 · 04:16 PM
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Cache ! clean it, re load the page, Alt+F5 also works to clear the cache for the page your on so it reloads a clean / new / updated / modified bunch of files.

Sorry I just re read, so the song that's up now is the first 98kb one , the same one that was refused for not being big enough ?? But the song on your C: is a new one?
I dont think you can update songs , you'll have to delete them and re-upload if you want to keep your music list clean and updated.
#3January 6th, 2008 · 10:51 PM
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alt+F5 did nothing.  I understand what a cache is, but if I can't clear it by restarting my computer or going to internet options and deleting all internet files, then you'll have to be more specific.  The old file still shows.  I renamed the file in it's 2MB glory, which listed in my C: Drive under this site's browse button.  So why won't the old file go away (the .98MB one?).  It's no longer on my C: Drive.  If I try to upload it, I get file doesn't exist, although one with the same name has replaced it.  I've never experienced this problem uploading internet files, music files, images, etc....
#4January 6th, 2008 · 11:36 PM
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if it isn't updating
That is your browser, not the site...  The information in the browse window comes from your browser, so it is something in the browser that is screwing up not so much the site... The browse window is a script that tells your browser to open the window in your browser, from there, your browser takes over... it is independent of the site, and has nothing to do with Bandamp... Bandamp isn't holding a copy of your drive information...  THe most information Bandamp holds is your profile... otherwise, all other information, such as what you have or have not seen, is actually left in the form of a cookie on your harddrive. and your browser holds a copy of everything you have viewed and will sometimes cause conflicts where stuff wont update properly. But all that is controlled by your browser.. 

#5January 7th, 2008 · 08:19 AM
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Ok.  I can see how that is true.  As an example, if I set IE to delete browsing history after 1 day, it never does and never has, current version or older ones.  Hmmm, I'll look into this.  Thanks!
#6January 7th, 2008 · 06:07 PM
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but why would this all occur in the C: drive in the first place?
I'm confused...
#7January 7th, 2008 · 07:14 PM
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Honestly, without the knowledge necessary, I'm still a bit confused myself on a particular issue.  After I found that when I replaced the smaller file with a larger one, but kept the same file name, I resaved the larger file under a new name.  When I clicked the browse button, the new file name showed.  So why did my web browser update by including the file with a new name, but not replace the properties for the one I tried saving over?  My suspicion tells me that somehow the web browser is reading the "file name" and can't discern a new change if a file replaces the old one but keeps the same file name.  The web browser is saying, "Hey!  I've seen that file name before and its properties were .98MB.  Oh!  You've updated the file?  But you kept the same file name, and I just can't let go of what you told me before.  You can shut off your computer, delete all internet files, cookies, etc., I just don't care!  I like the first one better.  I'll let it slide, though,  if the updated file has a new name, because I'm too stupid to realize that it's the same file... why?... well, it has a different name."

Is that it in a nutshell?
#8January 8th, 2008 · 05:13 PM
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witchwyz wrote…
Is that it in a nutshell?
No not really, because there's always someone who knows better than you ! And reading your story again I'm sure there's something you haven't understood right yet, (I don't claim to know what though ! lol). But yet your explanation is clear and it seams that you do indeed have a valid problem.

Meow : I think the C: input was to explain that the original was overwritten by the new one, locally, on witchwyz's hard drive. But when he came to uploading it again the problems started.

Having read and thought about it, I have no suggestions, tis an odd one in deed !!! Because something ?? Browser / cookies / bandAmps data base is holding on to the song info.
bandAmp is know to say "a song of that name already exists" when it doesn't understand the format of an MP3.
I had the problem that I couldn't upload a single song for ages, after screaming for suggestions I was told to save my mp3 in iTunes and bingo it worked.
My media player wont recognise some songs I've saved in wavelab because wavelab writes in it's own edit points / info / flags into the saved MP3 making it unrecognisable to the player, so what I'm saying is that maybe the fact that you saved it as the old name (did you literally over-write the old song? ) it might have got its self mixed up !!?? lol

You have one song up now, which version is that? and who's name has it got?
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