#1February 26th, 2007 · 12:48 PM
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Blog-comments notification?
i was just curious if i could petition to get some new email notification implamentation.  Blog-comments emails would be really nice.  i never realize that people comment on my blog until a month and a half later.  anyway, it would be a convinience i suppose, at least if it were optional.  i don't want the bandamp server to have to dish out so many notifications that we all start marking them as spam, but i think blog comments would be safe to put some notifications on.

either that, or we could get a notification on our "My Home" section.  just something simple, like a table that says "hey, someone's commented on the following blog(s) since you last checked it:     xblog1x, xblog2x"... yada yada.

so, there's my thought

#2March 2nd, 2007 · 04:18 AM
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That would be cool, it wouldn't clutter up too many e-mail accounts, I don't see many blogs being replied to, so it would be good to see, "hey, someone responded to my blog about eating soggy cornflakes for lunch last night, and how the gingerbread spoon broke off and I couldn't finish eating it..."

Nice thought TLS (got me checking out some blogs lol!)

I'll sign your petition, although I hope you don't need 10,000 signatures, or in fact real signatures...

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