#1December 17th, 2007 · 06:37 PM
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A bug ??
The "member is on line" bulb icon has changed, it is now a pixel or two too high! In FF .
LOL I just checked IE and it's all squashed up. But then IE is stupid anyway!

I don't think it was like this. 
#2December 17th, 2007 · 06:59 PM
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mm, i was thinking about this whole cross-browser compadibility.. it really needs some work.  i know when i was writing the FAQ the first time around, entheon was redesigning the layout of bandamp (which is what we've got right now), and he was really big on trying to make it pass STRICT html and css verification (and probably php ones, too).  Looking at some of the code.. i'm pretty sure it's fallen from it's "strict" glory.. to be picky, TONS of the
tags should be
br /
instead.  plus the CSS id vs. class thing i just mentioned in your RSS post in this tech support thread.  In my FAQ, entheon (or somebody, at least) tagged all of my
a href="#blahblahSection" ... text ... /a
links with the following:
a id="SGIHRvIHdpbiBhIGJhdH" name="SGIHRvIHdpbiBhIGJhdH" ... /a
(as you can see, the label names were randomly generated--- something that I didn't orginally do, for the sake of easily updating the FAQ, if needed.  now, i find myself going nuts trying to make it more readable again as I rewrite it!)

anyway.. point being... there's not much of a reason to have an "a href" label jump to a tag that has both an "id" and a "name", called exactly the same thing.  i have to believe that it was done for the sake of making every browser catch the label jump, but there's got to be a cleaner way than THAT. 

catch my drift?  there's TONS that could be updated about the code to make all the browsers (IE included!!) render our beloved bandamp a little more nicely.

i'm in opera, kings, and i didn't notice the pixel shift you're talking about.  *shrugs*  then again, i've got a few rendering errors myself (non-critical things.. miniscule, really.)
#3December 17th, 2007 · 08:30 PM
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I have a question...

where do you even FIND this stuff?!?!?!
#4December 17th, 2007 · 08:44 PM
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IE:  View menu:  Source
Opera:  Control-F3
Firefox.... dunno.  i don't like it, personally
#5December 18th, 2007 · 04:50 AM
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MM : Yes 'the world within' , Right click on any web page chose the 'view source', if you use IE it's called 'source' , if you use FF it's 'View Page Source'.
It's the code that makes up the site.
What you see is HTML, if you look at this page www.bandamp.com/css/main.css you'll see the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) which tells the HTML what to look like, then you have this page http://www.bandamp.com/scripts/main.js which is a Javascript page that contains the 'functions' for buttons and alike
eg on the js page you'll see "function expandcollapse(id) ......" I think that if you click the left hand menu on the main page it should 'call' this function, that in turn makes the menu open on your chosen tab but closes the others. OK I just checked and it's not , the code that opens and closes the main page menu is "toggleMenu(this)" which is also found in the main.js file.

The CSS :

div.header { BACKGROUND: #111 url(http://www.bandamp.com/images/header-bg.gif); -moz-user-select: none; PADDING-TOP: 1px; COLOR: #454545; WIDTH: 780px; _WIDTH: 780px; }

tells a DIV called HEADER (which if found in the HTML ) that it should use 'header-bg.gif' as it's background picture, that it has a top padding of 1px if there is no picture then it has a background colour #454545 (hexadecimal colour values) (as compared to RGB reg-green-blue that would be written 120 243 97) and that it has a width of 780px, god knows what "_WIDTH..." is !!??

If you opened the source page for this very web page, 'Ctrl + F' the word 'header' and you'll find its a 'class' name for a DIV, theres an end to that div further down the page,.
The next thing in that div is another div called "login", if you simply read the lines you'll see that the 'login' div has a 'link' in it , thats the red 'a' , now if you're logged in to the amp when you do all this you'll see a href link to http://www.bandamp.com/logout.html but if you look at the same code when your not logged in you'll see a href link to http://www.bandamp.com/login.html  , the same goes for the IMAGE that actually shows on the web page for the log in/out link, the image is made/called with the IMG tag, it has a height and width of 16px and is aligned 'absolute middle'. Then comes the end (/) of the A tag and then the end  (/) of the DIV,  we know that this is the end of the 'login' div because the 'login' div was the last opened. Divs cant overlap.

This is what is meant with 'strict', if a site is well written it will be 'read' / processed by the different browsers in the same way , as the author intended not as the browser dictates, it will also be welcomed by search engines like Google that search on page tidiness and relevance to the search made.

BTW you may notice the absence of < and > (greater than , lesser than) these are used as tag ends in HTML, to keep forums tidy the < > tags are striped from our comments! The whole point of mySpace is that every one can pimpMyPage with HTML in the comment boxes, thus being able to change/control the page.

Here endeth your lesson for today,
I've got to go and send Christmas cards !
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