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How to create a wireless network for a large house?

Can somebody explain the best way (which will give best performance) to set up a wifi network across a large house?

If money were almost no object, how would one set it up so that you could get a strong wifi signal in every room from the basement to the attic? (preferably while staying on the same wifi network eg. so that it doesn't require any skill on the part of the user to change networks etc.) The goal being to be able to watch streaming video in any room on an iPad/iPhone etc.

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change your wireless channel, if you have a lot of wireless networks showing up , do a test to see what channels are not being used, move your router to those channels.  Get a real good repeater, you can find some that will work off of your original routers ssid.  IF you have external antennas you can upgrade the antennas to a powered , or longer one.  If you know what your doing with computers, you can try DD-WRT. It's tricky and you can fry your router if not done correctly.
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