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please someone tell me how to upload music to this site.
I have some 320kpbs mp3's that I would like to submit for audio review.
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here is a part of the answer:


and I cite:

[i]Uploading MP3s

In order to submit a song to BandAMP, you must have an account, be logged in, and you must follow the guidelines set by BandAMPís administration.

Go to your My Music section and look at the "Upload" heading.

Press the Choose button and find your song on your computer.

After selecting your song on your computer, enter the title that you want it to have. This title can only be 20 characters long. This is the title that other BandAMP members will see when browsing through the Archives, the current battle, the Audio Review forum, or anywhere else.

The actual title of the Mp3 file will be lost when you upload the song! In order to better organize the music, mp3 files will be renamed to match the entry number on the Audio Review url. The title that will identify the song is the one you entered when uploading the song in the "Title" text box.

The description box is just making a post anywhere else on the forum. This can be a maximum of 10000 characters long. The standard vB codes (such as [color=xxx] or or [/u] and everything else) can be used here.

Many people use the description box to put the lyrics to the song, maybe a link to the bandís real website, or maybe just a shoutout that says "Hey vote for me!" You decide! Catch somebodyís attention!

I hope this info could help you

see you soon, and be welcome to the Amp

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