#1June 19th, 2006 · 07:06 PM
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Is it possible to delete songs?
A long time back I set about working on the songs I have uploaded onto the site, and now I feel i have improved them taking in the advice given by so many people on here. I want to get rid of the versions already on here and re-upload the new ones, is it possible to get rid of the old ones???

Also, I'm having some trouble uploading a new one I have finished, it is definitely MP3 and definitely at 128bit 44100... I'm normally OK with this kind of stuff, but it's really starting to mess with my head now Anyone, any advice??????

#2June 20th, 2006 · 12:53 AM
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yeah i would like to delete a couple of songs too... that would be sweet but as of the last month trying i haven't really got anywhere.

I'm pretty sure everysingle bandamper has had a problem or a burden when uploading an MP3 onto the site... i had it too, i'm pretty sure i have found a theory... (although wait til i tried uploading another song, then i will certify it)

You put in the song for the first time OBVIOUSLY the file name has to be completely different to anyother song you already have there, you write your title and descirption as usual but then once you click "yes upload" (DONT click twice) no matter if you stuffed up your description or something, dont stop then try again, (otherwise if you stop and change your description and try to upload again then it will say you already have a song called "song name"....)

So once you click yes upload... that's it no going back (until after its uploaded you can edit it).

Then because that still didnt work for me after all that it just came up with some error message... i did it all again (I had to rename the Title and the file name so it wouldn't say i already have uploaded a song of that name) and i just didn't leave the site, i left it on my screen, walked away slowly and quietly... only whispered and i shut the door as quietly as i could and when i came back shortly after it worked!

I ended up having 6 "tries" before i was able to upload my song "Don't Rush Back Home"

Like i said this isn't 100% proven...      BUT i reckon there is a good chance it will work for atleast one other human being on this earth, anyhoo.... Don't forget about that delete the song thing, I would REALLY REALLY like to be able to do that so could someone tell me something good about it, thanks!
#3June 20th, 2006 · 04:51 AM
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Dudes.. listen...

On your music page, there is a list of the songs that you have on here, right?

Well, on the right to every song there is a drop down menu box... Click it, and you'll have options... One of which is "delete mp3"... This is only possible if a song ISN'T currently in a battle, or HASN'T ever COMPLETED a battle (getting 20 votes or more, thus receiving a ranking).

As for uploading a song: it requires patience. It takes a while before the file will be transferred completely and you shouldn't leave the upload page by clicking anything at all. Just leave it untill it says it's finished.

If you get the error screen "you already have an mp3 by that name" (if that's what it says), try emptying your browser cache etc. and try again.

And please use Mozilla FireFox browser instead of Internet Explorer, because bandamp will look and function better in FireFox anyway.

Anyway.... A new version of BandAMP is under construction and it's bound to work better. Working on the new version has a much higher priority than updating the current one, so that's where mud his hanging out for most of the time that you'd expect him to be here. Probably
#4June 20th, 2006 · 09:04 PM
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hmmm ok well i cant delete 3 of my songs, they are on 46, 17 and 7 votes, shouldnt i be able to delete them?
#5June 21st, 2006 · 06:40 AM
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I can see 2 of your songs have been in a battle and have been ranked, so they cannot be deleted (for now). I'm sure this procedure will change in time, but again updating the current version of BandAMP has very low priority atm...

Don't know about the other one which you can't delete... Is it still in a battle right now? Then you have to wait for the battle to finish and hope you won't get 20 votes, so it won't receive a ranking. Then you will be able to delete it...
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