#1June 16th, 2005 · 12:20 PM
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Links not working or freezing up
When I go to the main page, the new tunes show up. Now I go to "view all" link and all the tunes show in the next window in the current battle. Then, any link you click on in that window will bring up the "hourglass" like it's loading something, and it never does. It just hangs up there. You can't navigate out of the page or anything. You have to close the browser and go back to bandamp and log in. Thanks.
#2June 16th, 2005 · 02:34 PM
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hmm...that sounds like your browser crashing, if the error were on the server side, it would eventually time out....

What browser are you using? Are you getting a blank screen, or is it rendering anything on screen before it crashes?
#3June 20th, 2005 · 09:01 AM
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hi there!  i use Opera, and i've noticed some odd things too.  i have a similar problem when posting on any of the forum sections.  anytime i push the "Post" button, my status bar says "Completed request to " blah blah (whatever forum piece's url).  so, it's completed, but it still just hangs there.  i'm able to just refresh the page and then i see that the post i made has in fact gone through and it's been posted...

it used to worry me, but i got used to it   i haven't noticed this in other browsers though...  i'm not sure if this is your kind of problem or not, chauvette.  it sounds like your browser may in fact not like some piece of webpage code it's reading?

i dunno.  just trying to help out any way i could!  hope that works for you!
#4June 22nd, 2005 · 11:18 AM
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Thanks guys, but I've tried all the big three..Firefox, Explorer, Netscape, to no avail. I can go anywhere at bandamp, but as soon as I click on the "browse" button, the page shows up OK and the songlist appears there. ANY link I click on on that page causes the little hourglass to show up like it's waiting and nothing ever happens. There's a message below that says "waiting for browse.bandamp.com". There's a lot I'd like to view but can't. I'd like to vote for stuff in the July battle for instance, but I can't. Thanks.
#5July 1st, 2005 · 05:47 PM
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have you tried browsing at different times, sounds silly but could be due to alot of traffic on the site... I have noticed in the forum lately, it says often around 100 users on line, 600 browsing...

I often have the same thing as tonights last love song in opera, but i think that is just an opera thing...

Good luck getting it sorted, bandamp wont be the same without chauvette's songs and advice
#6July 1st, 2005 · 05:51 PM
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We'll be buying a new server soon... This one is getting maxed out.

I'm thinking your right about that being the problem spoonman...
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