#1February 12th, 2006 · 02:07 PM
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okay...I've done some tweaking
okay...I've done some tweaking since my last pitiful appeal in Tech Support. I changed browsers (switched over to Firefox), added all the newest plug-ins (Flashplayer, Active-X, Java, etc) and now, the animation for the player loads, but the Wimpy player cuts the songs roughly in half (curiously the indicator button goes completely from right to left, but it cuts the songs off in less than 2 minutes. It does this consistently...no exceptions...unless the full song is less than 2 minutes long...then it will play the song to the end). I have visited the trouble-shooting parts of both the Flashplayer and the Wimpy player sites (could not find any suggestions that directly addressed my problem other than to uninstall and reinstall Flashplayer which I did several times, and to increase the temporary internet storage cache. My cache was already larger than they recommended...they recommended increasing it to 10 MB ...mine was already at about 2,500 MB. I increased it to a ridiculous 10,000MB just to experiment...no help). Suspecting I may have either viruses or spyware that may be corrupting my program, I scanned the computer several times using AVG, E-Trust Virus scanners, Ad-aware, Spybot and Spy Sweeper. NO viruses or spyware found. I attempted to load the Bandamp site with the Firewall off...no help. I have attempted to tune-up the computer by defragging, cleaning out unnecessary files....no help. I have consulted the Road-Runner help desk and everyone else I know of...and cannot remedy this situation. I still have no problem with my office computer. I have no problems with script on the site with my home computer.I have an 80-gig hard drive and 512 MB of RAM. Please help if you can...otherwise my neighbors will find this computer in the middle of the street, accompanied by broken glass and there will be a large hole in my front window.
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     looks like the next step is to check the structural integrity of the case....

   take it outside, put it in the driveway, and drive over it numberous times...  check the case.. if it is not completely flat, continue driving over it....

            Than buy a new one.... like the one at work.....
#3February 12th, 2006 · 02:39 PM
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Good idea!
Thanks, Jim...I hadn't thought of that...or maybe I'll raise funds for a new computer by having a "computer bash" Kinda like they used to do with cars....I'll charge a nominal fee for sledge-hammer rental, then let people "have a go". Whaddaya think?
#4February 12th, 2006 · 03:08 PM
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there ya go.... great idea.....   

       I'd be willing to give a couple whacks myself....  
#5February 13th, 2006 · 02:48 PM
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First of all.....
1. Which OS?
2. RAM?
3. CPU?
4. Mainboard?
5. How many tasks are up and running? (task manager)
6. Which services are up and running?
7. Which graphic adapter and driver? (resolution)
8. Which soundcard and driver?
to say it in other words: are there any red crosses in the hardware manager?
9. How many and which drivers for printers are loaded?
10. How fast is your internet connection?
11. Which network adapter or modem and which driver?
12. Do other internet sites (i.e. www. microsoft.com) load in acceptable times?

1. Reduce the number of tasks to a minimum
2. Reduce the number of unneeded services to a minimum
3. Clean the temp folders
4. Delete all cookies and start from the beginning
5. Defrag the harddisk
6. Have a look to your event log

When you download a song and plays in Mediaplayer or sth, does it work?

Did you think about a new setup?
with NT, 2000 or XP you can setup the os on the same harddisk in a different folder (i.e. called Windows2). So you dont have to delete anything from your harddisk.

As you can see there are many different things which lets a computer work properly or not

This is only a small help. But....

Good luck!
#6February 13th, 2006 · 09:20 PM
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Thanks, Triton...you've given me some things to hunt down...however, I'm afraid my competence at computer technology is not so hot. I may need to ask you a couple questions as I hunt this stuff down...if you don't mind. Again, thanks for your thoughtfulness in going to great effort to provide assistance. Much appreciated! Answers to your questions are being explored now and will be forthcoming...
#7February 13th, 2006 · 09:50 PM
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answers are as follows (please correct me if I'm not following you).
1.Windows XP Professional 2000 with service pak 2
2. 512 MB?? (not sure if I'm answering your question)
3. I'm not sure what you're asking (what about the computer processing unit?)
4. I'm not sure what you're asking
5. when referenced, most times there is only one task running with no difference in site performance (whether one task or more than one)
6. (trying to figure out what this means...)
7. don't know...am exploring this
8. exploring this
9. I suspect just one...(because I only have one printer???)
10. I use cable broadband
11. Motorola SB5100 SURFBoard cable modem (driver?)
12. Varies...sometimes yes, sometimes no...
(By the way...no red crosses in hardware manager)
1. done
2.working on that (need some education on this. Will seek)
4.got some errors and warnings on that
 Third: yes. Windows media player, quicktime and real player play without a hitch
setup? not familiar with this process.
#8February 14th, 2006 · 01:53 PM
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Okay then...

seems that youre not the one who counts a computer to your friends....

But it looks like the driver for the modem is not configured properly. FOr explain: with every hardware you need a software which talks with your operating system. and this is called driver. for a good processing computer you should install the latest pathes for os and the latest drivers for your hardware (i.e. graphic, sound) even the modem. I don't know your type of modem but if the download needs more than 1 minute for a 4mb file (this is an average size of mp3 files played on bandamp) there is something wrong with your internet connection. you'll have to find out what properties are used to configure the modem.

so you answered the third question with "yes". I am almost sure that your problem is found in a slow internet connection.

antivirus software, spyware, adware even firewall software slows down the internet stream and makes many troubles in figuring out those problems.

Again good luck to you (kick your provider)

#9February 14th, 2006 · 06:21 PM
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Thanks, Carsten....I'm gonna track that down (I will first see if my spyware blockers and firewall are creating the problems. Then I'll call the provider again (and probably give 'em a kick....is it okay if I tell you sent me? ...just joking....)   thanks again
#10November 9th, 2006 · 10:55 PM
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well....I just hired some guy to come fix this damn thing. The culprit ended up being the "E-Trust" Firewall ( 10 months and $145 later I learn this!). We disabled the firewall, I bought a wireless router (which provides  a "hardware" firewall) as a substitute, and I'm back in "bidness". Anyone else who uses E-Trust Firewalls may run into the same problem with Bandamp. Now for some serious listening!
#11November 9th, 2006 · 11:16 PM
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Glad to hear it!!!!

     I had a feeling it was something very simple and stupid.....  how aggravating... Oh well.... what don't kill you right?

    Anyway, so happy you can now hear the crap I come up with and try to pass off as music! haha

          My name is JimkDaAdtman and I approved this message...
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