#1June 13th, 2005 · 10:43 AM
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I give up
I have tried 5 different times to upload my song on your site. Can you please tell me what Im doing wrong?
As far as I can tell it is an MP3 file and I have read and agreed with your terms and conditions, so according to your instrustions I am doing it right.

#2June 15th, 2005 · 01:28 PM
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What Happens?
I start by clicking on the "my music" tab at my members home page. It takes me to the upload page. All 6 times. Which, I assume, means that there is no song uploaded under my user name. So, I use the browse tool to get to the song I want to upload and open that file. It then shows that the directory path is correct in the proper window on the site. I then add the title and the description, and click on the upload button. After I click on the upload button, it appears to be uploading. It shows the progress window, as it loads. When the upload window completes and disappears, it goes back to the blank, "upload" area. As if I had never done it. I can then go to "my music" tab and it shows "NA". As if I had never done it.
I have double checked all the troubleshooting advice in the FAQ's and tried to do this 6 times now. I cannot figure it out. I even tried to pull it directly off the CD. However, that is not an MP3 file. The file that is stored in my Windows Media Player Library is an MP3 file. It will not upload to the site either.
I have entered a few text posts on this site, and when I click on the "post" button, it tales me to a page that I can view and/or edit my post. When I upload the song, it doesn't go there. As I said it takes me BACK to the "upload now" page.
Please help.   
#3August 9th, 2005 · 10:06 PM
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Is the song under 5 megs? If not, try re-encoding the mp3 at a lower bps so it becomes smaller and under 5 megs.
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