#1June 15th, 2008 · 09:15 PM
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goofy JS error on pictures in opera
hey there.  so, Opera 9.5 just came out a few days ago, and I realize that people are going to roll their eyes at my complaint, but it's an honest error in the php, that seems to effect both Opera and IE, but in different ways.

In opera, when I click a picture in the album, it says this:


name: TypeError
message: Statement on line 526: Type mismatch (usually non-object value supplied where object required)
  Line 526 of linked script http://www.bandamp.com/scripts/thickbox/jquery.js
        return o[a] || o.getAttribute(a) || '';
  Line 72 of linked script http://www.bandamp.com/scripts/thickbox/jquery.js
  ...  Line 285 of linked script http://www.bandamp.com/scripts/thickbox/jquery.js
            return f.apply( o, a );
  Line 45 of linked script http://www.bandamp.com/scripts/thickbox/jquery.js
                    $.apply( this.get(i), f, );
  Line 67 of linked script http://www.bandamp.com/scripts/thickbox/jquery.js
                return this.each(function(){
  Line 27 of linked script http://www.bandamp.com/scripts/thickbox/thickbox_plus.js: In function TB_show
  Line 17 of linked script http://www.bandamp.com/scripts/thickbox/thickbox_plus.js
  Line 711 of linked script http://www.bandamp.com/scripts/thickbox/jquery.js: In function handleEvent
                    if (this.$$handleEvent(event) === false) {

and in IE, when i click on a picture, the little window starts spazzing out and doesn't work.
#2June 17th, 2008 · 04:55 AM
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ok I doublechecked this and got the same messages....

It seems that the style sheets (CSS) BandAmp uses are programmed for Mozilla browsers. But I am not quite sure. Java console's messages show in this direction. You can see this under (in German) Extras -> Weiteres -> Fehlerkonsole... (maybe its called  Options -> More -> Errorconsole) Most important thing here is a opacity value which seems not to be compatible with Opera and probably IE7

Firefox 2.0.0 and IE6 are fine....

1st workaround:
In Opera I found an option to let Java open and close a window. You can check this options and the picture of the albums are displayed on the same tab or browser window.
#3June 17th, 2008 · 10:25 AM
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yeh... mozilla, mozilla... i haven't the foggiest idea why Firefox needs its own hacked opacity value.  Opera and IE work off of the standard css tag, but I fear Firefox goes the way of Microsoft, and creates its own standard.  

i'm not really sure what changed on the site, because Opera used to display those images just fine (hence, I only now post this error).  I know Opera 9.5 made another leap in making sure it followed the strict standard of HTML, CSS, and the like (javascript included).  Maybe something about the site doesn't get processed in O 9.5  like it used to in 9.2 and before.

Opacity is easily fixed.  Firefox ignores the standard "opacity: 1.0;" (etc) command in CSS, so it can easily be added to allow Opera and IE to use the opacity too.  As for the general script error, I don't know what's wrong to cause that.

Oh well.  I'm not THAT terribly concerned about it.  Thanks for the reply though.

One of these days I want to help out and iron out these HTML and CSS wrinkles.  You hate it when I only halfway volunteer, TK, but I swear that one of these days I'll work out a way to be dedicated to it.  Promise.  It'll likely be after the wedding :P
#4June 18th, 2008 · 09:18 AM
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Just checked the album in IE version 7.0.5730.11 < no problems with pictures
#5June 18th, 2008 · 10:01 AM
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seems I fixed that error in Opera 9.5
take a look at it
#6June 18th, 2008 · 10:53 AM
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Opera seems perfect.  great job ^.^b
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