#1June 6th, 2005 · 04:17 PM
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Members signup problems
Hey, a bunch of my friends wanted to signup and join the competition, but they can't seem to make new accounts no matter what username or email they enter.  I know I emailed about this before and you said it should be working by now, but they just called and said it's still not.  Maybe they're just inept, I dunno .  Do you have any suggestions?

#2June 7th, 2005 · 03:59 AM
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United States of America
mud wrote…
For instance comcast.net wont accept mail from me... Not sure what's going on, will look into it... It's not on my end though, so it really sucks!  :cry:

Aye. I've had these problems with the newsletters and such for quite some time. I could contact them if you'd like (as one of their customers, you'd think they'd listen to me). Just give me any relevant details about where you are sending from, and I'll give 'em a phone call.
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