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warm ups
does anyone know any short warm ups that can be to loosin up my fingers before i play?
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chromatic scales are a good warmup though warmups are sort of instrument specific and also - warmup is just a state of mind

all you do is play, and while you play you say to yourself "Ok, this is my warmup" and then when you feel like you are warmed up you say "Ok, I am really warmed up now so this is the time when I practice"

and that's it - usually takes about an hour for me to get warmed up, and I'm sure it might take less for some folks but warming up your finger muscles takes longer than, say, running because when you run you get your whole body pumping blood and you're using a much larger amount of energy - and so in proportion you "warm up" a lot faster - say within 15 minutes or so...

with playing music however, I find that sometimes 2 hours isn't even enough for me to feel fully warmed up. But generally speaking, i think a good round warmup time is an hour - so your practice sessions should ideally be 2 hours long - one hour for warmup and one hour for practice... i remember in music school the recommended practice time for college music majors was 8 hours per day - and that's not including all your other homework or holding down a job or gigging or band practice!

the only other thing to bear in mind is that when you declare that "Ok, this is my warmup phase" then you don't wanna stress your muscles too hard - don't scream and don't stretch it too far or you might actually hurt something... a warmup is better done in a consistent and slightly less than your average exertion type of pace - though you don't wanna be weak and limp you just don't wanna go "full out" and really blast your way through a peice of music during the warmup phase...

ok that's about it - go to it
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if your talking bout the guitar, warm up with metallica's master of puppets! dont pull a muscle!

im kidding. but uhmm i usually just sweep pick chromatic scales up n down the fretboard, or a van halen-esque tapping version of mary had a little lamb if i have an audience.
#4November 12th, 2005 · 06:59 AM
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Ever heard of steve vai's ten hour workout? I use some chromatic scales from that to warm up then usually get my speed up with a couple of scale runs before going into voodoo chile for a minute or two. That has my fingers pretty warm

Here's the chromatics;


or you can vary it like this


Muck around with it how u want, u can always add Hammers and pulls if u want to.

These are also good for increasing finger speed and accuracy if u drill them in practice.

Have fun and stay safe m/
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i use a variation of Atreideslegend's, just because it is more fun:

then shift startpoint to 5 and go from there, then shift to 7 etc. and back ofcourse in reverse way


D|--------------------------------------------------7-8-9-10---------- A|--------4-5-6-7--------5-6-7-8---------6-7-8-9--------------------

keep thinkin in four, then you always have a rhytm, it sounds more musical(=less boring) that way is my opinion
From that last 11 start right back at the first note (3, or for a change another one) without loosing one count

also keep the scale in thought on the E-string, started in the example on 3(G) ended on 11, start again on the E-string on the 5(A), end on 13, start on E-string 7(B)
so u got G scale as a startingpoint
It sounds really interesting if you do this (when your warm!) real fast, a bit like 
Queen's guitarist(don't know his name now)
#6November 23rd, 2006 · 01:51 AM
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and then you continue with this...

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warm ups
This is a good warm up.  I usually start 1st fret and move chromatically till 12 fret, then move to next string and then do the same thing ect, till 6th string, or reverse it, and start 12 fret 6 string, and move chromaticaly downwards till 1 string first fret. Each fingering change should be done through all 12 frets, and all 6 strings.So one, you do 1234 through all 12/6, then do 1243 through 12/6, then 1324 ect. I put 12/6 above each measure to let you know to do that measure through all 12frets and all six strings. There are 24 of them. You should vary the starting order and locations.  You can also practice it as it is written for another variaton or skip strings ect.  
 Remember to play acurately,  and in time. Set your click to slow, and then slowly but acuratley build up speed.Have fun.
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more warm ups
ok more warm ups. This one is designed to help build your 3rd and 4th fingers, using harmonic minors and pedal tones.

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sweep pic chromatic scale..good enough for me.
#10January 18th, 2007 · 06:15 PM
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THANKS toastedgoat!
I've been looking for something exactly like this.

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hehe, I don't really warm up at all, however, I'd warm up my left hand (your right hand) by doing some fast picking arpeggios, and my right hand (your left hand) with pentatonic scales.
I think this is how the pentatonic goes...

Also, a slightly more complex pentatonic...
etc. back down...
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i know some cool stuff to warm up with
I have this weird version of the blues scale that I use for everything and I use it to warm up, like this:


I usually start by playing backwards cause its easier. 
Also i use the Intro lick to Megadeth's "holy wars" to warm up and get my alternate picking better:


e|------------------------|---------------------------|             |
B|------------------------|---------------------------|             |
G|------------------------|---------------------------|THEN REPEAT  |
D|------------------------|---------------------------| RIFF 1      |
A|-5-6-7------------------|-7-8-9---------------------|             |
E|-------5-6-7-7-6-5-5-4-3|-------8-9-10-10-9-8-9-8-7-|             |
        RIFF 1
Just play those as fast as you can or use 'em to practice your hammer-ons
and pull-offs.

#13October 19th, 2007 · 10:59 PM
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What I do is play the itro riff to Guns n Roses Sweet Child O'Mine. Start slow then work up to fast. I'll update with some cool riffs.
#14February 3rd, 2008 · 10:34 PM
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Play your modes in order

Then other scales like the harmonics, the pentatonics, etc.
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