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Hey guys after slacking off my lyrics
I realized I have never really written
a "SONG" I have never composed music
not even a melody or 2 before and I
tremble at the thought!!!! lol no
im serious how do I go about "composing"
music for a song or at the very least
coming up with a chord progression
is there a "right" or "wrong" way??
#2August 26th, 2007 · 04:09 AM
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Well in my opinion the wrong way is actually wanting to do it and not doing it.I don't think when you're doing any form of art expression there's a wrong way although basic knowledge of chords and music structure is a big plus( Think of it as a tool box)and plays the most important role aside from creativity and desire!.

Here is a  quick formula :

1- Intro
2-Verse 1
4-Small break(maybe similar to intro if different from verse or chorus)Optional thought!
5-Verse 2
7-Bridge(breaks away from main theme)Optional
9-Verse 3 (In some cases the song will not need a third verse and you can go straight to chorus)Optional
11-Chorus 2 (If verse 3 was omitted then you should go ahead and repeat the chorus)Optional

As far as length i try and keep my songs from the 2 50 to the 3 50 mark.Some times length plays no role in my songs because is meant to be more of a theme as oppose to a song but in general I would say keep it in the 3's..

Some chords that work well for melody .
1-G F C
2-Em  D C
3-F C D
4-G C D
5-E D A
Feel free to move them around they tend to all work together(Mostly)The important thing is too create a sort of musical sense within the melody and chords.

The last thing would be the repetitions (or bars).This can get rather complicated so I would suggest you to keep your repetitions in pairs( maybe from 4 to 8 ).

Hope at least it points you in the right direction.Theres many formulas and remember you can create your own.So let it Rip!!!!!!!!!!

#3August 26th, 2007 · 05:38 AM
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Keep it Simple
First starting out, I would keep it simple and just focus on the feel and sound, Sound more so.

Try to keep the chords very basic, there's nothing wrong with 12 bar blues, it's where a lot of people start.

Ultimatly, all you need to do is practice and learn from your mistakes, don't be afaraid of uploading your ideas, this site has helped me improve with great critiques.

You could always email me any ideas you have got before you upload them.

My email address is denis.ahmet@gmail.com

Hope this helps.

#4August 26th, 2007 · 08:08 AM
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The first five or ten songs I wrote were the result of mixing and matching chords from the 3 or 4 songs I new at the time until they sounded good.  They were terrible songs, but the point is that's how I started.  Now, I know a lot of music theory and the more complex music I write reflects that, but it's still fun to write a song with E, A and B in a 12 bar blues progression.
#5August 26th, 2007 · 03:32 PM
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ok thanks for all the help
guys!!!! you totally got me going
Im now more determinded ever
andI feel great I just got
down putting the finishing touches
(for now) on the song I kept
it simple and kinda made up
a chord of my own lol but all in all
I like the song Im gonna write
anothre verse because it was
an old song of mine called let her go
and it was intended to be hard rock
but after alittle revision it turned
out i wanted an acoustic feel
it sounds kinda like im playing this
for my love or sumtin!! you know
not really my style but its what I
wanted so... you know!! lol I cant wait
to record!!! whenever that may be!!!!!
Im still working on that lol!!!!
anyway thanks guys!!!!!!    
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