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New Bands
Hey we have just made a new band and done 3 succsesful gigs ( out of 3) but we just want to know what to do to start off with? we have worked only very small places such as a family party and in 1 pub on 2 diffrent nights. so i was wondering if anyone could offer us any advice?
#2August 14th, 2005 · 11:30 PM
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make them dance! no... actually... GET them to dance!
keep working
don't quit your day job
keep working
keep giggin
decide what you want out of the band
work for it
decide where you want to take the band
work on taking it there
figure out how to raise enough money for a professional album
and then keep gigging
record your professional quality studio album
go gig some more
try to get some contacts in the music industry in your area
keep gigging
get an agent or a manager or a producer or a promoter
have them help you keep gigging
the more you play the better you will get... so
keep gigging
the better you get the more people will like you... so
keep gigging
playing is fun, and fun is what it's all about... so
keep gigging
#3August 26th, 2005 · 12:33 PM
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hmmmm ... not sure the above post is entirely helpful! 

i think that the most important thing is to play together LOTS.  practise as regularly as possible.  Whilst talking to the guitarist or one of the best amatuer bands ive been to see, I found out that he and the bass player are flatmates and jam every day. 

and you could tell from the music.

gig, practise, gig, practise, gig, practise, gig, practise, gig and then when you've finished, try practising some more.

Look at Incubus ... whether you like them or not, they're incredibly tight simply because they've been playing together since they were 15.  same with maroon 5 - most of them used to play in a band together in high school.  you can tell.
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if your looking for recognition you might wanna consider charity gigs, if you can find a nice big event then thats good exposure for you. things that people will notice when they hear you is how tight you are how good your frontman/woman is, and if you play some really well known songs, oldish stuff tends to go down well, if you play new stuff people tend to just compare your version to the original - which to be honest isnt what cover versions are about. i agree with entheon on gettin people to dance , it always lightens the mood and one thing thats important about a gig is that your audience responds well because that will effect how good you feel up on stage. its always a good gig if you played well or not when your audience loved it. so this means its a good idea to have a chatty frontman/woman who will get your listeners relaxed, tell a few jokes between songs, that always goes down well. most importantly - enjoy yourself, after all isnt that why your playing??
#5November 27th, 2005 · 01:46 PM
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I can't really give any advice that hasn't been said already..... older stuff works well, lead singers can be hugely important, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE etc. etc. etc. the only original advice i can think of is that the band has to be a team, not a group of individuals.
#6January 18th, 2006 · 08:25 PM
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re: New Bands
u sounds like u might be young..........i dont know?

if u r play at school/college in front of your mates as much as possible--------------they are your local audience on a plate................they will follow u 2 hell and back if u r half decent............a bit like a football team

big smiles
the fish
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