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Should you be able to get any sound from any synth?
I'm having huge problems wrapping my brane, such as it is, around synths - despite trying vainly to follow MANY YouTube videos I've still never succeeded in recreating the sounds their videos tell me are 'so simple'. So I've got 2 questions, the second one will depend on the answer to this one

If you've got the same kinda wave form and the same kinda LFOs and other controls as the guy on the video, even if his synth's got a different name from yours, should you be able to end up with the same/similar noise coming outta the speakers? I've got controls and waveforms with the same/similar names so is it me being dumbass that I can't get the same sounds or is it more probably because I don't have the selfsame synth as the guy in the video?

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