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A question for guitar players

If you wanted to use Amplitude to make your guitar sound like a jazz guitar, which preset would you go with? Would you go with something different for solos/rhythm respectively? I'm quite unfamiliar with Amplitude yet (not a guitarist myself), and the bank of presets already in there is huge.

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Need more information from you to help properly.

I'm not familiar with Amplitude - If you are not a guitarist you could try a pre-set. If there are no pre-set's for a Jazz sounding guitar, you could try selecting a clean sound from something like a Fender Bassman Amplifier or one close to it. That's what I use and get a great sound from it. It helps to be playing a Jazz type guitar. I have a hollow body Jazz electric guitar and use flat wound strings.
#3June 23rd, 2017 · 03:58 PM
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there are quite a few presets for jazz at the preset exchange . 
Edit: I got a very good jazz sound using the 64 vibro verb 1X15 with a compressor pedal in front of it. Ik amplitude custom shop amp.
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I just did this one in amplitude with the 64 fender vibroverb with the amplitude comp pedal in front, nothing else. no outside FX or eq treatment.
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