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Creating drum tracks
Hi, I wasnt sure whether this should go in recording or music theory so if it's in the wrong forum feel free to flame me!

My problem is im having difficulty writing a drum track for a recording im working on. I just don't know where to start! It's a pretty rhythmic track in 4/4 with a two bar repeat so i need two bars of basic drum beat to repeat with the riff that i can expand on. I have the basic beat programmed in but as im not a drummer i have no idea what embelishments to use to make it sound cool!

Here's what ive written so far in eighth notes:

I B -  -  -  S  -  -  -  I B - B - S  S  -  - I

I = Bar line
B = Bass drum
S = Snare
- = Eighth note rest

Sorry i dont know how to write real drum tab so i had to improvise! As i said before im not a drummer! This may be a bit too vague but can anyone give me some tips on what else to add?

Thanks for all your help!
#2November 26th, 2006 · 10:34 AM
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Im no drummer either
some hi hats?  used like a mentronome? A crash at the beginning bar first time through and 4th....Just some ideas...would be allot easier to help if we could hear the track though...
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Well, it's pretty easy, at least for me.
Just begin with a cymbal and then:
 too too paf too | too too paf too | too too paf too | too too parararara | splash too paf too.....
Something like that...
I make my own drums lines and I guess they are good.
Luck, dude!

         > Iszil
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Yeah, Iszil has some really nice drum tracks. Just imagine a rhythm, and gradually build on it.
#5November 27th, 2006 · 01:49 AM
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on a rock or metal rythm the basic is to use a Bass Drum on the first step of the meassure and a snare drum on the third.  Add a close hi-hat on the 2rd and 4th steps and a Crash cymbal on the first each two meassures... use  an open hi-hat to create an accent somewhere in between.

And there you go...  just let your imagination fly for some nice brakes and intro/outro. 

EDIT: I had written "bass drum on the first... and snare drum on the second" wich is wrong. Sorry, now it's fixed
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Pandora drumming podcast
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