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U2 Concerts
The Rocking band U2 will headline the main Pyramid Stage on June 25, and will be joined by Snoop Dogg, Nelson and Dizzee Rascal. The rocking band U2 along with Wonder will be making their first appearance at the 40th anniversary of the festival which will be held at Worthy Farm in Somerset on June 23-27. The Irish band's appearance was already announced last November.

The wonder live performances from U2, recorded last October at the Rose Bowl, and music exclusively recorded by the Soweto Gospel Choir will accompany ESPN's coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup this summer, the network announced Wednesday. Their music will be heard in every match, highlight and studio coverage and has already started to appear in station promos, where the Soweto Gospel Choir augments U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name" in one, and the band's "Magnificent," :Out of Control" and "Desire" in the others.

The American Ireland Fund will welcome Bono as the special guest at the 35th Anniversary Dinner Gala at the Tent at Lincoln Center on May 6, 2010. The rocking roll band U2 among with  The Ireland Funds  has been announced that they will finance an initiative which will offer young people in Ireland the opportunity to learn a musical instrument or receive vocal tuition.

U2, Bon Jovi, Soundgarden, Public Enemy topping summer concerts and the summer concert season is almost here. For the next five months, music of just about every style and classic will be played at concerts all over Chicago and the suburbs. The rockers have lined up a few headlining shows next month before heading out to play a support role during several dates of U2's 360 Tour in June. A large number of fans are really excited to see their best rocking band U2 performance live on stage. Buy dont get done by those who mislead you on purpose to see your favorite band live in concerts.
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Great Spam.

Unless Bono comes to my house and teaches me to play an instrument, I don't care.

The American Ireland Fund will welcome Bono as the special guest at the 35th Anniversary Dinner Gala at the Tent at Lincoln Center on May 6, 2010.

bit late are ya?

Oh and there are no such things as cheap U2 tickets...unless of course you listen from down the street. When you go to a U2 concert there are two lines. One for the rich...the other is for the normal people and that line has a surgical team to harvest organs in payment....the organs are then sent to more deserving Irish citizens.

Nah, I need both my kidneys or I would need to quit my degenerative drinking habit.

Come back when you have something good to sell in Ontario....mainly Willie Nelson tickets lol.
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Funny innit ..... I was reading about the line up at Glastonbury a few days ago, and now you come up with it.

Cheers for this...I just found your other post as well    
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That concert was really so so....amazing. Among them Snoop Dogg is my favorite......

are you looking for Music or Musician!
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I love "u2"
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