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Theory Lessons
So I was wondering a while ago about this and I just want to see if anyone would be interested. I'd like to start up a weekly (or on some other regular period) theory lesson going roughly in order and discussing topics in music theory from the beginning onwards. I'd start with a basic overview of the topic in a new thread each time and let anyone interested comment to correct me, add information, ask questions etc. The goals of this project would be to give lessons on theory, encourage discussion, and advance everyone's knowledge. As of now I'm thinking the lesson plan would look something like this:

Sound - what is sound, music, noise; decibels, cent systems, etc.
Harmonic Overtone Series and Tuning Systems
Music notation - staffs, reading music, different notations (probably also adapting a convenient one for future lessons)
Key - Key signatures and accidentals
Rhythm - time signatures and tempo
Seventh and other Chords
Scale degrees and Tonality
Counterpoint and melody - in subsections on phrases, maybe species counterpoint
Harmony and chord progressions - also in subsections, chords by chords analysis and understanding how to write progressions and do arrangements
Anything else assuming we get this far.

Would anyone be interested in helping out with this? Would anyone find it useful?
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I'm self taught in the main, I could never get to grips with reading music, but always willing to learn.
It would be great if I could learn how to write out music notes as my music has become more complex, hence it would be a great reference point if I wanted to either play or record it again. In fact I do struggle sometimes find it hard to remember the chords of songs I've written.

I could only help in the practical side, eg how to position your fingers on the guitar, warm up exercises etc
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sounds good. I did a thing on modes sometime back. I think it's in this section somewhere.  I was gonna do more but got very little response and it is a freakin lot of typing.  plus I would do it as a word document then paste it and all the alignments were all askew.  I should have done it then transferred it to bmp file or something like picture instead. 
 I still work some in theory . but my classical guitar studies are slowing down as the pieces are getting substantially harder and my time is limited. 

Sounds good though if you have the time.
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I'm a complete dunce when it comes to music theory, although I keep meaning to have a go at learning modes and chord structures and progressions.

So in answer to your questions:
    Could I help? No, I need help!
    Would I be interested?  Damn, right I would; this could be a great source of information for me and actually result in my lazy brain finally starting to absorb something that I've meant to do for a long while!
Please do this.  I'd love it
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not sure If you can use any of this but I found the link to that thread.
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I think that would be great....count me in!
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