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mic performance tips
maybe you guys can help?

i had a little problem with stage fright.....well i gave it up!  

I don't have much experience with mics & find when singing......i get a "thump"  when using words starting with the letters "P, B" etc.  you know what i mean?  a real quick breathy shot of air. 

dunno how to explain it any better.

any thoughts from you seasoned singers?

(i'm using a cardioid condenser mic, through a roland acoustic chorus pa)


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Some conderser mics have a sort of inner air blocker activated with a switch but not all have it..
There different things you can try some of this have worked quite well for my wife..

1 Raise the mic so the head of it faces down towards your mouth as opposed to straight to it...
2 Get the bottom part (feet) of a pantyhose and cover the head of the mic this will also reduce the air breath sound,use a rubber band at the bottom to to make it snug tight..
3 Eq the Pa with less bottom end...
4 Sing further away from the mic
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if live and holding the mic.. keep the top of the mic just above chin level. not directly in front of your mouth. sing like you directing you voice just over the top of the mic ( without a pop filter condenser mics will be sensitive to ps bs and s's) .. there are other things you can do .. like don't eat the mic.  when coming up to words with those problems in them  sing just off to one side some  so you don't direct the air right into the mic... get a foam cover for the mic.  roll the lows out... .. when singing live performance I tend to like a good dynamic mic on stage over a condenser mic.
#4January 20th, 2009 · 11:20 AM
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tried out your suggestions.......worked great!

(my neighbours love me)
#5January 21st, 2009 · 06:47 AM
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what's the difference?

between a dynamic mic & a condenser?
#6January 21st, 2009 · 11:29 PM
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