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December Reigns
The reigns of December are falling
Coming out to see the members
Who double their dreams or nothing
But to run around the funny hats
Those are the guys who know where it's at.
A hair on my tongue
Might as well as be a hair in my lung
Another to cause my pancreatic
Lung explosion in the attic.
I'll fall down to meet the dusty floor
If it means nothing more to the grand old clock
Who once sat on the dock of the bay
With some rainbow suspenders.
Ah yes those were the enders
Of the summer lawn.
I'm a summer's pawn
I'm getting along
To see the nights
But it's just not right at all
Cause this is fall not summer
And it runs me over like a Hummer crushes a twig
I just might be that fig
To your Newton
only if you can Integrate
Disintegrate and Assimilate to my will
But that's not it
But that's not it!
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