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Manipulation Blues
This is a song about that one girl that straight up uses you.

You put me up on a stage, and shine lights in my eyes
With a cape on my back, like I'm in some disguise
Who am I supposed to surprise?
I never seen so many lies

Like apples on a tree, you love to keep me down
Damn gravity, won't let my feet leave the ground
When your alone, baby I'm always near
But once you been seen, you like to make me disappear
So much deceit, what is fake, what is real?
The only thing I know, is how you make me feel
How do you make me feel?


You make me feel like a
Running around tricking
You make me look like a
Smile on my face, but it ain't

Watching me from the wings, where the lights are red
Got me doing things, that turn ya purple in the head
I think I'd be better off dead
Ya got me so mislead

Getting all green, when it ain't about you
Across you color scheme, baby I'm still in the blue
She can't here my voice, when I yell LEAVE ME ALONE
The sound is drowned out, by all the needs of her own
She's yelling please come home, but I know when its time to leave
Ooh you may be a witch, but you ain't got no spell on me
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