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Reason To Love You
this is written for a female vocalist

Everybody’s looking at you and me
With foregone conclusions of our destiny
And you’ve got it in your head
That everything you see is real
A clear reflection of what you feel
But baby, you’ve been misled

I get enamored by your easy charm
While away the evenings on your arm
But I never tie the strings
You’ve got a style and a certain flare
You buy me presents, but I just don’t care
About all those silly things

You say a woman’s heart is hard to read?
Hey mister, let me bring you up to speed
The only thing that I really need
Is a reason to love you  

And it appears to be a mating game
How we wind around each other
Like moths around a flame  
‘Till the candle burns down low…

But three in the morning finds us sitting on the floor
At one end there’s a bed and at the other there’s a door
And all night long I’ve been searching for
A reason to love you

I’ve made promises to me
To set you free,
And move on with my life
Only to find, time after time-
That what seems so simple
Is not so simple

Tuesday afternoon
We’re checking out the scene
Climbing side by side
Through a forest lush and green

And it feels like I was born to be
Here, alone with you
As we step onto the mountain top
Enchanted by the view

From snow-capped mountain vistas
To the shore and then the sea
No one else I’d rather be with
No place else I’d rather be

And you fold your arms around me
As we watch the setting sun
And there’s magic in the moment
And our hearts are joined as one-
But I know... that it won’t last

And I can feel it beginning to unwind
These thoughts, unbidden, come stealing through my mind-
That I could see the whole world and never find
A reason to love you
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