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Dorm Rooms and Lecture Halls
Thinking about what college will feel like:

This is the...112 song I've written hehe. Practice makes perfect eh?

And for those who don't get the "brown" bit, Brown is a ivy league college that I plan to go to.

(verse 1)
Everyone's gone away, left me here
I am so afraid
I'm so alone in this room
I'm struggling in this place

(verse 2)
My dorm room and lecture halls
These is now my home
Gates, fences, grass and stone walls
It all never seems to end

Why, brown do you drag me here?
When all I want are friends
But now it seems unlikely and
High school's come again

(verse 3)
I'm lookin' round the room
At scattered objects that I bring
To help me to feel less alone
Oh but they are just things

(chorus) [2x]
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Cook Islands
I love it ^_____^
It reminds me of what I think too.
Great job dude!
keep it up
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