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The Brag Song
I'm slow and steady
but I'm always good
you're dozing off
and your sawing wood

And then you come and tell me,
"Yo man, you're dope"
and when I hear your songs
I say "you gotta go"

You're as white as the guys who hanged blacks with rope
and sheets over their heads, over their eyes they had holes
what were they thinking, hats shaped like the pope
In you man, I've given up hope.

I'm naming a truth, and you're running on fraud
when people hear you sing, they say "oh my god."
and not in a good way, like their satisfied,
and not like mine, I make 'em reminisce worldwide.

I'm gonna say it now, with no sublimity
instead of hearing you sing, I'd rather count to infinity.
You might have an album cover with fire and roses,
but you sing like a freak, you're the preacher for the posers.

Any hip-hop person, can tell you he knows this,
we're not all cool, those of us with big noses,
some of us have talent, and everybody knows,
but can you juxtapose the rows of beats and instrumentals?
#2September 3rd, 2007 · 01:32 AM
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is this a rap-like-hip-hop deal or is it.... rock?
im veryt confused this reminds me of a
very high version of anthony keidess
if he was black and brought up in new york!!
no disserspect or anything dont get me wrong
just not my style..... i think?
#3September 3rd, 2007 · 05:37 AM
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it's a brag song
I guess it might be easier to guess the genre if there was music. Why don't we wait and see?

I suppose it would be pretty stupid to criticize these lyrics for bragging, wouldn't it?????    
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