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You(not quite sure)
I hope you can fogive me for what i say
But the feeling of hate is growing everyday
I close my eyes and picture you fading away
fading away, fade away

I'm angry, i'm hurt and i'm dealing in the wrong ways
They see it, they feel it, they taste my pain
They don't say it straight to my face
But they all think i'm a mental case

You, you caused this
You, you, brought this
You, you, gave this to me
You, you, hurt me
You, you, haunt me
You, you, endangered me

HOw can i tell you exactly what you did
You ruined me, and destroyed my only friend
I different, i'm changing and it's all because of you
Because you, it cause of you


endangered me

It isn't finished... and it isn't done. it really needs work.
  i don't even know if endangered goes!
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