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Power of Change
Just wondering if these lyrics were cheesey, or actually mean something to other people!

Power of Change - Siren

v1 Well I think a lot about the world I'm in
     and I see things that others won;t.
     They mill about with their blinders on
      and they say they see but they don't.
     Don't you know, how I wish
     Don't you know, how I wish
     Don't you know, how I wish
     For the power of change!

v2 I won't take for granted the time I spend
    I will treat all others like gold.
     and I won't pray to greed like it gives us life
    cuz the parts don't equal the whole.
v3 Well, there's more to life than what you can touch.
     There are many ways to perceive.
      and the power of mind doesn't help us much,
      without the power of belief.
#2August 5th, 2007 · 07:43 AM
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Not Cheesy..
At all!  They definatley mean something to me; i know where you're coming from.  Have you considered what style of music you would put with this or anything yet, because I would for sure go somewhere with this!
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