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My .44 - revised and finnished
Seems like everyone
In this whole damn town
Happens to own a gun
And they don't mess around
So I went down to the store
Bought my self a .44
Put it under my pillow
Now I don't sleep alone no more


Cuz One
I can't fall asleep at night
I know I aint doing right
All that I ever see
Is what there is and what we could never be
Now woman please don't aim at me
Woman, this ain't no game for me
Can't you see that it ain't no fun
To be standing next to you
While you hold a smoking gun

Now I ain't killed no body
Ain't done no harm
In fact I walk around
With my safety on
But if I catch a body
Coming through the rye
Oh if I catch a body
Some body gonna die

Everyone need a little protection
To save them selfs
But when I was handed the bible
I gave it to somebody else
So now I have a pistol
Heres what I aim to do
Point it straight at your heart baby
So I can break through to you


Well just the other day
I got shot at
well I tell ya what I did I
Turned and shot back
Just then everyone in the
Whole damn town
Decided to join the fun because
They don't mess around
Right there the battle broke yeah and
Before I knew
There wasn't a thing in town that a
Bullet hadn't torn through

Machine guns make this world cold
And baby I don't have a place to stay
So if you see a bullet passing by
Be sure to stay out of its way
Now on the count of three
Shoot a bullet for me
And shoot another one for
Every time that it could never be

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