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Brand New Day
Candlelight and inclinations
Slowly intertwine
Shadows dancing on the wall say
Love is back in mind

If we keep believing
We can leave the night behind

Sunshine pouring
Into a brand new day
Spirits soaring
Tears . . . are running away

Raven flies in morning skies as
Memories ascend
Treasure sparkles in the moonlight
Hearts are on the mend

If we can keep believing
This night will never end

Sunshine pouring
Into a brand new day
Spirits soaring
Tears . . . are running away

It's a brand new day
Letting go of the night
Breaking through
From our fears
Into the light

Sunshine pouring
Into a brand new day
Spirits soaring
Tears . . . are running away

-writen by Norman Maser 1/1/2008
#2January 7th, 2008 · 05:08 AM
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so, it's 3am in my time zone in utah right now, where i'm visiting... i can't stay away from bandamp, even on a vacation to see a friend's wedding :P  i'm awaiting my flight back to KY at 6am, and i know i won't be able to get myself out of bed if i go to sleep, so here i am, passing the time..

though, i'm very tired, and i'm can't hardly muster a review that contains much insight.

but, for now, i at least wanted to say that i like the short, dense lines in this lyric.  honestly, my brain is hearing a pop-y melody and rhythm.  Almost like a song that i heard on the radio... what's it called .... [searching google] Too Little Too Late by a girl named Jojo, apparently.

so yeah.  i make that comment about Jojo's song because of the beat, not really the airy female vocals and such

to break into an honest bit of opinion, i'm not so keen on the "tears" thing.. maybe it's just because you've used it a few times already in other lyrics.  that's not inherently desctructive, to use ideas a few times in various songs, but still.  well, i guess it's not just you, though.  it's a rather common idea anyway, in music.  Lucky for you, the "Sunshine pouring" and "Spirits soaring" lines tend to take the spotlight much more than the Tears line, so it's not so noticeable.  I'm not sure how you might alter the line... i'm not coming up with any suggestions there...  

i notice that you wrote this (or, at least finished it) on 1/1/08, and so the new year was probably an inspiration to this "new day" and "sunshine" motif.  I like it.  Before even looking at the date on your lyrics (or on this post... i haven't checked when you posted it yet... i'm just replyling to you thread that i saw.  seeing it is easy since you like to post your titles in all CAPS ) ... errrg... i lost my train of though. 

*ahem*  *rubs eyes*

before looking at the date on the bottom of your lyrics post, the words conveyed a "fresh" feeling right from the start.  i hope that's what you were going for   you worked.  oops.  i mean, it worked.  you rock.  :P

perhaps i'll have more to say once i get some rest and arrive back into KY?  and after reading a reply from you?

later, my friend.
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