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Angel Arial
yeah had this posted previsly but i had to do a revision of it
i completly redid the bridge just now so its a bit rouph and needs some work i doono im bord and this seemed like a good time waister lol so here you go, arial once again, comments-sugestions would be loved

Arial came home today
From the hospital
Sheís been there since last may
Doctors said she would be fine
The injuries come from outside
The bruises are natural

Arial came home today
The People smiled warmly
They did not see her look of betray
As she went in to lie down
She covers the bruises with Mary-Kay
As Her mother looked in on her
Her eyes uncaring and grey

Arial covered black with white lace
Blue tights and Mary Janeís
She smeared makeup on her face
Hoping no one could tell
Poor little angel falling from grace

Arial has an imaginary place
Where fairytales come alive
She sleeps in a glass case
Waiting for her prince to arrive
And save her from this place

One day
A horrible accident
Involving a stair case
Tumbling down she goes
Like a rag doll been thrown
Mother couldnít love her
So Arial pays the price
Doctors take her
Looking troubled and thinking twice
Children cant fly by them selves
So who pushed her down the stairs?

Her mother looks in on her with cold eyes
Wondering when the girl will die
Lifting the bottle she another sip
Thinking he not her fault
Arial just tripped

(2nd chorus)
Arial didnít come home today
Thereís a stone where she should lay
Now all the Doctors agree
About the injury
The bruises arenít natural
Arial didnít come home today
The People frowned grimly
They hadnít seen her look of betray
And now that sheís laid down
Every one looks around in dismay
Dirt covers the bruises
Of an angel fallen from grace
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This very intense and sad PAP.Very well put together,i don't remember the original that well but this version reads pretty dissent.The message and the awareness are of hi quality and I'm proud of you for writing stuff that may bring awareness to others.Good Job PAP
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Beautiful, painful. Excellent PAP.  I agree with Marino, our words are so powerful, it is important to choose them well. You have chosen well!

With much admiration,

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aww thanks mars bar and lady wife ^_^
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Heavy !     
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