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The Challenger of Salinger
Uh... I had the first two written a while back and then I was like "Hey I should finish this" so I did...
I guess this is supposed to be sung in a Wayne Coyne (the guy from the flaming lips voice) to a  sort of light guitar  ish thing. I will talk more about themes and how this fits into my album later.

(with out further ado)

I got a letter from Mr. Salinger
He says he doesn’t want to talk
I asked him why and He said “Ballinger
Got two legs but won’t walk”

It sounded really stupid at the time
But that’s what he wined
Running still for the end of time
On golden feet so sublime

He took me back to his vaults
There were a lot of dead cats
Then eh told me to halt
Stay right there and I’ll be back

It sounded really stupid at the time
He had no reason or rhyme
Dancing with a hint of lime
Toxic babies born in slime

He asked me if I wanted some bread
I asked him if it was rye
Then something became dead
He just sat down and cried

It seemed pretty stupid at the time
But life is just a sine
Up and down it climbs
Fallen like an orange rind

Then we watched some t.v.
It was some sci-fi show
Plasma as far as you could see
Just Space pirates and hoes

It seemed pretty stupid at the time
Back in the cell I climbed
Left alone with out a dime
Stuck here for the rest of time

(that's the end)
So the idea is that this guy is hallucinating that he's having a conversation with J.D. Salinger.  But nobody talks to Salinger because he's a hermit and won't talk to anybody else.  Anyways He's dreaming about hanging out with Salinger then at the end of the song he wakes up in an insane asylum. Ha!

I'm new to this area of band amp so please be kind.... ha ha ha!
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51 threads / 31 songs
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This has been completed and I will post the actual song up once I get it from chris.
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